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So I've mentioned on Twitter a thousand few times that I'm heading to Berlin this weekend and it was only recently I realised I was seriously lacking in the luggage department. I headed out with a list of essentials to buy and almost everything I had written was found in less than 20 minutes in Primark and at a much cheaper price than I'd seen alternatives beforehand!

I thought I'd share my bargains with you in a haul post and hopefully, you'll see these featured in travel posts, post-Berlin!

BHS £15 (bought on sale for £12)

This is the perfect cabin size bag and was on sale, what's not to love? It has a beautiful statement print and is super lightweight. A lot of other weekender bags on the high street at the minute aren't as forgiving as this is and believe me, you can get A LOT in it. The only con is the lack of long body strap but at a bargain price of £12, I was more than happy as it was.

Black PU handbag
Primark £8

This was in competition with another beautiful bag I spotted in H&M but at only £8, it managed to win my heart. It's a lovely size for work, going out, travel documents etc. etc. It also has a long across body strap which is an absolute must for any handbag I own, the whole 'two handles over an awkward arm' thing really isn't me!

Black Moulded Cup Swimming Costume
Primark £10

The first proper 'holiday' item of 2015, exciting!

I bought this because our hotel boasts a wellness area that includes a sauna (bliss!) and I always feel a little more comfortable wearing a costume in hotel pools or spas. A young family or elderly couple will probably not appreciate my skimpy bikinis! This claims to boost your curves by sucking you in at the waist and the cups are designed the mould around your boobs - roughly. I tried this and it does what it says on the tin but as I often find, the hip to boob size ratio doesn't work for me. I'd recommend go a size up!

Gold Chain Loafers
Primark £10

These are such a lovely pair of loafers! In Primark, I often find the soles of shoes cheap and thin, however these are a bit thicker and actually look like they're going to last longer than a few weeks. The chain detail looks great and I can wear them with so many things as the weather is getting warmer and brighter (goodbye winter boots).

Super Cosy Tights
Primark £3.50

These have featured in previous haul posts and I cannot recommend them enough. So comfy, so cosy, perfect for this cold weather that we can't seem to shake in the UK. I'm steadily increasing my wardrobe of dresses so I love wearing them with thick tights until the weather turns. A pair of these should be in every girl's winter wardrobe, I love them so much, I bought two.

3 x Cotton Rich Socks
Primark £2.50

And finally, I lied. Not everything was black! These are officially the comfiest socks I've ever owned and the colours are great. I bought these in preparation for festival season inside wellies but they'll definitely be my favourites for the remainder of Winter!

 I am 100% ready to fly on Friday with a weekend bag full of black!
Hope you've enjoyed seeing the few basics I bought.

What bargains have you found in Primark recently?