Just a few staple pieces I bought at the start of the month I thought I'd share with you!

Mustard Fisherman Knit Jumper
£12.99 Ark

I have wanted this exact jumper for a while but was disappointed to find it actually falls a bit short, even in the a Medium. A cropped jumper is not really what I wanted for Winter but the colour and material was just too lovely to pass up on. However, I've worn it only twice and all the stitching is coming apart and the material is frayed. My boyfriend had the same issue with a burgundy version he got so my advice? Buy a similar one elsewhere.

Grey Tshirt with Shoulder Detail
Zara (sale)

I love a good grey t-shirt, don't you? This one I nabbed for less than a fiver in the sale and I love it. I've dressed it up, dress it down, even worn it to exercise in because it's that bit prettier than your standard gym tee. Great buy that will see me right through till summer.

Black Skinny Jeans
Zara £25.99 (ish)

Standard, beautiful, black, skinny jeans. I will always go to Zara first for a decent pair of jeans because they're great quality and nowhere near as expensive as other high street stores for what you get. I have worn them so much already and you can never have too many pairs of jeans!

No link online to these, sorry!

Quick note about my shopping experince:

Ark has disappointed me hugely in recent times and I have to admit, it's unlikely I'll be venturing there again. I've had ridiculous service buying things online, the clothes are poorly manufactured particularly when it comes to matching and aligning prints correctly AND obviously, this jumper quality situation. For a store with the most beautiful Instagram feed and helpful in store staff, I've been hugely disappointed with the quality :(

Zara on the other hand has a fabulous sale on at the minute and they have never let me down!

What have you been buying recently?