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It's good to be back! I skipped January because well, New Year's resolutions are enough.
I am doing pretty damn well with my NY ones so far, even if I do say so myself.

Here's a few little 'uns I'm aiming for this month. Baby steps and all.


Actually make an effort with my hair

I am one of these people who choose to snooze my alarm seven times rather than get up and wash my hair. It's getting beyond ridiculous, today I had to use my friend's dry shampoo at her house and
she wasn't even in.

This month I vow to wash it at least once every 2 days (does that sound gross that I don't already?) and actually style it more often than not, rather than screwing it up into a pineapple - you all know what I mean, don't deny it.

Learn basic German

Now, some of you might have seen my New Year resolutions post and in this, I mention one of my goals in 2015 is to learn Spanish. Since then, I've booked a trip to Berlin so it makes more sense to learn basic German first, right?

A blogger mentioned 'Duolingo' to me during a twitter chat AGES ago and whoever it was, I owe her a lot! It's a fantastic website that has made learning a language so, so easy.

It's fun and unlike reading a text book or listening to an audio CD it actually challenges your speaking, listening, writing and reading. And as I have a bad habit of never finishing things I start, it allows you to opt for challenges, such as using it 7 days in a row and reaching so many XP per day. If you are considering learning a new lingo, TRY IT.

Oh, and it's completely free.

Add me as a friend and we can see each other's progress - 'leamarieee'

Keep up with the Book-It List series

I made another resolution to read more and hit my Goodreads target, so I've started a new blog series.

The first instalment is FEBRUARY BOOK-IT LIST so check that out if you're stuck on what book to pick up next. I'm currently half way through the second book, which is good going but February is a short month!

I've already a couple of books lined up for March, so I need to pencil in some time to actually get them and upload that post too!

What are your plans for February?

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