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I'm not one for being overly soppy or romantic but Valentine's weekend was just lovely.

We don't celebrate Valentine's in particular but it so happened to coincide with our anniversary weekend this year. We've never had a set 'anniversary' date of when we got together, so we just made it up. There's been enough ups and downs and ons and offs for a particular date to not be necessary. That being said, it was really nice to have a mini celebration of another year together!

I previously wrote a 'Valentine's Wishlist' post with a couple of items I had my eye on but he outdid himself with this gorgeous rose gold and silver infinity necklace. I got him a day out doing archery. We were both chuffed to say the least.

We started the day off in Costa Coffee for breakfast lunch, with a couple of lattes (caramel for me, hazelnut for him) and a chocolate twist. I bought King Charles gig tickets as one of his Christmas presents, so we headed off to Sheffield in the afternoon.

Sheffield is a city that I have not made the time to explore enough. I love the quirky places and the fact everything is close by and that it's only 40 minutes away from my hometown BUT far enough away apparently, that people still comment on my accent - we're all Yorkshire here, lads and lasses!

We went to Henry's for a spot of lunch that turned out to be a hell of a lot of food. We then strolled to The Great Gatsby because he likes the ambience and I'm a sucker for Gatsby quotes anywhere and everywhere.

Neither of us had been to Plug before and it's one of those perfect sized places for intimate gigs, with appropriately grimy floors and a smoking area bigger than the place itself. It was like stepping back in time to my first gig when I was 14.

Overall, he loved the gig and I loved the city experience and quite frankly, I'm very much looking forward to anniversaries in the future if this is anything to go by!