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VALENTINE'S WISHLIST // designer VS budget

So as a rule, David and I don't do presents on Valentine's Day. However, it's our anniversary the same weekend and after the really shit presents I received for Christmas, I'm hoping for quite a lovely present to celebrate both events this year! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate every gift he gave me but you know when you just hoped differently... okay it's a bit of a greedy post, I admit ;)

Both of us are saving money for trips and plans for the rest of 2015 at the minute so I've found designer (I use this term loosely) or expensive presents I would adore, and a budget version which is equally as lovely!

Rose gold 'Karma' necklace

I had a silver circle necklace that I broke earlier this week, so I hinted at wanting a rose gold version to replace it. Whether the rather blunt text stating 'I want a rose gold necklace' worked as a hint or not though, I'm not sure. I'm a big 'what goes around, comes around' believer and these delicate necklaces are beautiful.


ASOS £63


Etsy £17.62

A New Lipstick

This was on my Christmas wishlist and I'm still craving one! The Anna Sui lipsticks are so lovely but I wouldn't want to splurge for one for myself. If someone wanted to buy me one however...who am I to complain?! I'd love a new lipstick in general however and as Boots No7 is one of my favourite brands, a selection from their range would also be appreciated!



Boots £9.95

A (non engagement but committed) ring!

There's such a stigma about buying girlfriends rings. No, I don't expect a proposal with it, I just want a nice piece of jewellery! The Creature jewellery ring above has been featured on a wish list before and I'm still in love with it. I think I'm going to buy it next month myself anyway it's so lovely! On Etsy, there are so many sets of stackable gem rings which would be so pretty, so I picked an example of some of the ones I'd love to wear.


Creature Jewellery £50


Etsy £19.66

If I get any of these I will be extremely lucky (or I've left 4832264 hints) but I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend with him regardless, obviously! We're spending the whole time together and going to our first gig together - which is astonishing it's taken this long - on the Sunday :)

What are you all doing for Valentine's (whether you've got a significant other or not)?