Blogging is a hobby for most of us and it's something to be enjoyed. There's a fantastic online community, it gives us a space to share our thoughts and (usually) not be judged and it's actually a great way to be creative in the 21st century.

I'm very bored of posts advising young people 'How to be a successful blogger'.

Don't get me wrong, I still read some because they're written by bloggers I love and I think sometimes the tips can be fairly useful.

However, I've actually seen blog posts written by bloggers with a large follower count entitled
'Why I would not read your blog' or something to that extent. Oh well, if you're going to leave my page because my Nokia phone camera quality is terrible and I've misspelled 'your' then I might as well just give up, eh?! Get a grip.

Fair play to you lot who have a large follower count, but also a big congratulations if you've just hit your first 10 followers on Bloglovin'. You're doing good, too.

Below are a few of my own tips on how to be a blogger...

Blog about whatever you want.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're pigeon-holed to one sort of blogging style or topic. I follow beauty blogs, I follow fashion blogs, I follow food blogs. But my absolute faves, are the blogs that write a bit about everything. Who doesn't love a blog that shows you the best mascaras, nicest Topshop coats, books to read this year AND how to make double chocolate chip cookies? Exactly.

Blog whenever you want.

The big question: Do bloggers with an upload schedule have more readers than those without?

Answer: Who gives a shit?

I have blogs that I love and I have no idea if they upload posts on certain days or not, I just see them as and when I have time. Just like I blog as and when I have time. Oh no! You didn't finish your post in time for 5pm Friday?! Chances are, nobody noticed or nobody cares enough to make a comment about it being half an hour late. Also, if you've got a full time job and blog too then a huge high five to you, friend, because I certainly have not mastered any sort of planning or scheduling.

It's OKAY to include average photography

You don't NEED a fancy schmancy camera to have lovely pictures on your blog.
Yes it is aesthetically pleasing and can look more professional BUT if you want to snap an OOTD with your iPhone 5S, go ahead. If your writing is honest and likeable, it really doesn't matter.
I'm planning on buying a new camera soon and sure, I'll use it for my blog pictures but to be honest, it's primarily for just capturing holidays, friends, moments and to learn the skill of photography.

Deep down, I still feel we should all hail the smartphone camera. 

You don't need the latest iPad or MAC foundation to blog

I think it's important to focus on the fact that blogging doesn't have to be expensive. Generally, bloggers are exposed to a hell of a lot of product reviews and makeup tutorials and wish lists that tempt us into wanting to buy everything featured in the posts.

When Zoella empties her three full-to-bursting Boots carrier bags we're thinking 'Ooh I can't wait to see what she bought' as well as 'Holy shit, she spent more on makeup in this haul than I have in my entire life'. If you can afford your Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and an Olivia Burton watch, fabulous, but it's good to remember that writing good content costs nothing.

I hope you didn't take too much offence to this, or at best, actually quite enjoyed it!

What tips do you have for bloggers?

*all photos from DTTSP