2015 has come round so quickly and if the past year is anything to go by, it's going to be a m a z i n g.

source: pinterest

I recently wrote a post about the resolutions I managed to keep and achieve throughout 2014 ( read it here) so it makes sense to write up a new list for the coming year!

- Settle into a home
I've moved about 6 times in the past few years so it will be nice to feel like I'm at 'home'

- Gain an ETM certificate
So I can teach adult dance classes!

- Read more
And reach my Goodreads target this time

- Go to Glastonbury (again)

- Visit Berlin
Booked for March with the fave <3

- Get a credit card
Become an adult and get a credit rating etc. and to also buy pretty things

- Get a new tattoo
Hopefully in January, been putting this off for months!

- Bake more
And make a red velvet cake.

- Learn Spanish
And a bit of German, for Berlin!

- Buy a new camera
To snap all my memories in 2015 and improve my blogs

- Visit Scarborough and Brighton
Scarbz for nostalgia, Brighton because I've never been!

- Explore more of Leeds
Go to more bars/restaurants/gigs everything. I don't explore enough of my home town!

- Go to a zoo
I've been to a safari park before but I want to see some tigers again!

- Experience more opportunities through blogging
2014 opened a lot of doors, so hopefully I can open more!

- Look into freelance design
Is this what I want to do eventually?

- Spend Christmas in Australia
because why not?!