I'm so pleased I finally started The Dress Diaries in last year and just a few months in I've had some fantastic opportunities. I didn't expect a community like there is and I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has ever commented, retweeted, favourited, saved a post, followed on any social media or anyone I've met in person, it's lovely to be a tiny part of a colossal team.

Blogging is a hobby and a hobby I take lightly at that. I don't promise to post x times a week and my photos are taken on a Nokia Lumia 925 and I can barely afford to feed myself never mind buy MAC lipsticks. However, I really enjoy it when I get the time and this year, I'd love to make it a bigger part of my life.

I wrote a post on life 2015 // RESOLUTIONS but below are a few goals I'd like to achieve specifically for The Dress Diaries before the end of 2015!

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Make the time

I blame a lot of absence from my blog on 'not having enough time' but I do. I absolutely do. I can easily juggle other projects and career and events better than I do at the minute and I need to realise I can prioritise this sometimes if I want to. It's my blog, I enjoy it, a lot of other things can wait!


I have Tweetdeck. I've opened Tweetdeck. It intimidated me and I've not opened it since. I've heard so many great things about it and quite frankly, it would make twitter chats a hell of a lot easier so this is something I vow to face.

Design (from scratch)

I failed my 'web design' module at university and I'm not ashamed, that coding shit is difficult. Now I'm working in a graphic design career and working on various digital platforms regularly I figured now is the right time to conquer at least some form of coding and HTML that I can apply professionally and personally. If I can design and code a blog layout by myself, it will make me a lot happier and I will have achieved a lot more than paying someone else to do it for me. 

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Comment, comment

This is another 'time' issue but as I said before, I'll be making time this year. Particularly for commenting on wonderful posts. I think Bloglovin' is fantastic and for the past month or so I've been outfaced with over 1500 posts I needed to catch up with. Over Christmas, I had a couple of times where I was able to sit and read post after post and comment away and you know what? It was lovely.
More of that in 2015, please.

What are your blogging resolutions?
Comment and leave a link for me below :)