Sunday, 28 September 2014



I am pretty new to the whole ' getting your nails done' experience as I used to work in retail in a stockroom. I'm sure we've all come across trying to open packaging with ridiculous acrylic nails and the constant state of fear of breaking/chipping/pulling them off.

Now I have an office job, I don't have an excuse for ugly nails other than the fact I am really lazy! However, I have become addicted to CND - Shellac. It is such an easy way to look after your nails and keep them looking beautiful and it's not as expensive a habit as you might think.

Here are my favourite Autumn shades you should try, whether you're a Shellac newbie or an obsessive!


I love bold, dark nail colours in Autumn and this is great.

I really wanted a navy and this was the closest colour my salon had available. I loved the name too!
However, this is MUCH more glittery than it looks in the bottle (left) but I think it's a gorgeous party colour.


This is my ultimate favourite I've had since I had my first Shellac session at the beginning of the year.

It is a new, stunning dark purple and IMO, no normal gel polish will compare to this with the Shellac top coat.

Usually I like to mix up the colours I choose every time I get my nails done but I'm definitely going to have this one throughout the season!

Check out the entire colour range here and let me know what you'd choose this season!

Friday, 26 September 2014


Did you register for your free entry to the exhibition?

Now get your
for only £10, which secures you a seat at fashion shows on both days as well as queue jump, dance workshops (I really, really hope I get to try out pole dancing!) and your official photograph.

Just like London Fashion Week guests, you will get your free goodie bag of treats and samples! There's some amazing live music and let's be honest, who doesn't want to be on the frow at any fashion event?

Also, you get access to the Health & Fitness exhibition that will also be on @ EventCity this weekend, so you can look fit AND fabulous.

Not long now, get your AAA pass here!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


This is my first award and I am chuffed, thank you to Yari over at Yari's Adventures for the nomination! 
Yari asked...

1. What do you like the most about blogging?
It's a really good way of expressing my opinions and finding out what other people think. The blogging community is fabulous, it's nice to be a part of a new group of people.

2. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

I would love for myself and my boyfriend to be working for ourselves so we could spend more time together and travel!

3. What inspired you to start blogging?

Sort of inspired by the YouTube community but I much prefer communicating by writing. It's a great way of speaking to an audience about things you care about.

4. What do you love the most about yourself?

How much I've changed my perspective of life and now I'm super laid back, unlike I have been in the past! I'm also lucky to have been successful in a lot of things I've put my mind to.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Amsterdam maybe? I haven't been to enough places for long enough to judge what it would be like living there.

6. Do you speak any other languages? What language would you like to learn?

I speak a tiny amount of spanish but would love to be fluent, it's beautiful.

7. What is your biggest achievement in life?

Ending up in a graphic design career after I decided I loved it at 16 years old.

8. What is your favourite food / dessert?

Sausage and mash/Victoria sponge cake mm

9. How old are you?

22 (yes, I still sing to the Taylor Swift song when I'm asked this)

10. What's your favourite season?

I thought it was Summer but yesterday, I had an overwhelming surge of happiness at the cold weather and brown leaves on the way to work. Autumn, apparently!

11. Are you a tea, coffee or hot chocolate kind of person?
Tea, tea and more tea. And green tea. And peppermint tea. Just tea.

Random facts about me...

My best marks at uni were in Spanish and Dance, even though I studied Digital Media

I want to start pole dancing soon

I am scared of driving but have passed my test

My wardrobe is mainly black and grey

I hate the Pearl & Dean score they play before films

My favourite band are Biffy Clyro

I once did Colin Firth's uncle's makeup for a film

I used to play the clarinet

My favourite TV character ever is Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill

I have a huge crush on Dave Grohl

I have twin nieces, two nephews and a goddaughter

I am nominating...

Hannah @ Hannah Bakes Things

Jemma @ A drugstore addiction

Callie Rose @ Callie Rose

Emily @ What Beauty Taught

Amy @ A Little Boat Sailing

Sarah @ Sarah Smiles

Lissy @ lissybeauty

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Michele @ Let me cross over

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Your questions are...

1. Do you have any big plans for next year?
2. What is your favourite thing to do on an evening?
3. How old is your blog?
4. What is your favourite outfit?
5. Do you have any siblings?
6. Why did you start your blog?
7. Do you miss anyone right now?
8. How many lipsticks do you own?
9. What is your favourite book?
10. What is your favourite blog post you have written?
11. What is your life goal?

The Rules:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer all the 11 questions.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award (if you can).
5. Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Source: Pinterest

I have had a wonderful last couple of weeks and that has led me to thinking what is so different right now, than how I was feeling last year? A lot has changed very quickly in my life for the better but the main reason for this is because I've also taught myself to be happy, cliche as it sounds.

Here are a few things that - now I'm in my twenties - I have realised you should STOP worrying about, they shouldn't dictate your life.


Stop worrying about the things you WANT as long as you have the things you NEED.
Hopefully, you have a job, or a student loan, or an amazing family who can support you. This means as long as you have enough for the basics in life, you're pretty much set.

Forget about the new coat you were after or the fact you want to go on holiday next month if it's getting you down. You can sort out getting that extra spending money later but just enjoy what you have right now.

'All my friends are getting married,
mortgages and pension plans' 
Frank Turner // Photosynthesis

Frank hits the nail on the head in these lyrics.

When you're in your twenties suddenly everyone seems hell bent on getting engaged, having babies, buying houses and it seems like the world's most unfair competition. It's really, really not.

Hey, I'm the one who hasn't spent a crazy amount of money on a white dress and can afford to go travelling with my boyfriend. I'm the one who gets to buy cute baby clothes and be the fun babysitter then give the screaming child back to their parents. I'm the one who can ring a landlord when my flat has a problem and not have to fix it myself. 

Losing Friends

This is a weird one but guaranteed, you will lose at least one person you used to call a good friend in this decade of your life. Not because you end up arguing about 'grown-up issues' (see previous paragraph) but probably just because you drift apart.

It could be people who move away, or you move away and lose touch. It could be because you both make new friends or have a high flying career and work colleagues and they take priority.
It could just be, ultimately, that you have grown apart. And that's fine.

You will meet so many new people and trust me, your best friends will still be around come wind or high water. Don't worry about it.

Source: Pinterest

Hope this gave you something to think about!
Anything you think is unnecessary to worry about whilst so young?

Friday, 19 September 2014


So I'm very excited to announce I am part of the official blogger's team at the
Fashion & Lifestyle event that will be taking place

on the 
11th and 12th October 2014

It's going to be an awesome event with up and coming designers with some AMAZING shows.

There's beauty, home-ware, accessories and food and so much more, it is huuuuge.

As if that isn't enough to tempt you, it's completely FREE ENTRY.

Register for your free entry at

It will be amazing to meet you all there.

P.S. Can't wait to meet some other lovely bloggers whilst I'm there, let me know if you're going!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Can we address HOW amazing car boot sales are? And even more so, how many beautiful things people are trying to get rid of?

I set off at 5.30am (yawn) on Sunday morning to a local village car boot sale, to sell a few bits of crap and clothing and declutter my life. I actually had a lot of fun, there wasn't any major haggling between customers and I because I just wanted rid of most things to be honest!
I left my mum - who is a seasoned car boot-er and taught me everything I know now - in charge whilst I wandered off to the other stalls.

The first thing I bought was this stunning faux leather bag.

It caught my eye straight away, it looks so retro with the rounded edges and cracked leather, rugged look. The bag strap is such a good length, I am not a tote or handbag sort of girl! And even better, it is an ideal size to keep all my things in for work/town/travel whatever. I love that it also has an extra zip compartment at the front where I'll keep my keys and valuables.

The best bit. This was £1.

Possibly will be my best Autumn/Winter purchase this year, so excited to wear it!

Next up, as always there are lots of vinyl records. Usually I'm a bit lazy about rooting through hundreds and hundreds of boxes of them but I wanted a cheap present for the boyfriend when he comes to visit this week.

There were NO classic rock vinyls like I often sift through so I settled on some 70's tunes and Bob Dylan. We LOVE a good cheesy music sesh from time to time and because most of his record collection are different genres, I know he definitely won't own these already.

I got these 4 for a £1, it was pretty much a 'take what you want and offer me whatever' sort of situation.

The next item sat there ALL DAY at a gentleman's stall before I returned to buy it. The fact it was still there and no one else wanted it seemed like fate to me! This is my final treasure of the day.

It. Is. Beautiful.

Apparently, it's an old coal box that would sit next to a fire. Now, I don't have a coal fire in this day and age (especially not in my modern, tiny flat) but I certainly didn't buy it to store coal. I saw it and thought it was just perfect for my room, even if it is pretty big. The ships and the colour and the fact it looks a bit tarnished just appealed to me so much.

I bagged it for £6 which I think is daaamn cheap. I didn't want the matching fireguard although it was equally lovely - lack of coal fire situation again. It isn't made of expensive material (I think wood and tin or something) but it just looks the part.

What's the best second-hand bargain you've ever found?

Saturday, 13 September 2014


I have seen this top featured in so many videos and blogs that I had to grab one myself. It was actually Lily Melrose's Topshop haul video (watch it here) that made me finally go get it after lusting for so long. I love that she suggested layering it. With Autumn coming it's so good to be able to mix and match layers to keep warm and this top is ideal.

TOPSHOP Tall Skinny Rib Crop Top £10

I opted for grey because I will admit, I stick to grey and black staples in my wardrobe! Grey will go with pretty much anything when layering up as well.


I was actually wearing this dress when I bought the crop top and knew it would be perfect for layering with. Just a good way of keeping warmer and adding a bit more colour to an all black outfit.

Dress // ASOS
Skull Necklace // River Island


Really casual, baseball style look with jeans. I'd wear this to just go to the shops or something but it's such an easy piece to pair with other plain t-shirts.

T-shirt // New Look
Jeans // Primark


I know I originally bought it for layering but it is SO CUTE on it's own. It's a good compromise for going out in cold weather because of the long sleeves, therefore it's fine to show some skin ;)
This is by far my fave look, I am addicted to patterned trousers.

Trousers // TK Maxx

These crop tops are an absolute steal at just £10, get yours here.
If you already own one, how do you wear yours so I can steal the ideas?!

Friday, 12 September 2014



Previously, I did a blog post about George Home at ASDA and the things I absolutely love/want/need for my house this season. You can check it out here.

What I didn't mention (saving it for this post, obviously!) is the new theme of...


(left to right)

This trend is a pretty nifty idea and I particularly love the teapot, although I'm not sure it would fit enough tea in there as I would like. They're cute, don't get me wrong, but I'm not the sort of person who likes everything to match and I certainly wouldn't want all my kitchen accessories to be black.


For a while now I've wanted to attempt a healthier diet and include more vegetables because there's usually a serious lack of them in my meals. Also, I moved into my own flat six months ago and have yet to get experimental in the kitchen (ooer.)

By cutting out all red and white meat (not including fish) I was hoping to get a bit more cooking experience and try new things. I've put together a few meals I had during the first week of my vegetarian September (I'm aware this it is late and almost the end of week two, but I've been really busy washing up after all this ;) )


M&S Falafel & Bulgur Wheat Salad

This is without doubt one of the nicest veggie salads I've ever had. The spicy houmous dip and feta cheese completely makes it. I wanted to treat myself to a nice work lunch so I added some M&S Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar crisps too. Perfect.


Quorn and Peppers Pasta Bolognese

I didn't realise how quickly you could cook Quorn mince in comparison to meat, it will change my life! This was a simple dish and one that would last a few meals if I made it just for myself in future. My boyfriend cooked this meal and put TONS of peppers and onions in it, it was delicious.


An Aubergine Ensemble

This was experiment #1 and I'll be honest, it could have been better. Aubergines, tomatoes, onions and beanspouts mixed in a soft cheese and tomato sauce. Sounds pretty good but needed a main ingredient really, planning to replace beansprouts with halloumi next time round.


Classic Beans and Egg on Toast

Standard. This is one of my favourite breakfasts because my Dad used to make it for me all the time. It's also a pretty good breakfast to start your day properly with. Wholemeal bread, organic Heinz Beanz and a fried egg with the perfect runny yolk.


Potato & Cheese Bakes

These I learn to make back in primary school (a long, long time ago!) and have recently discovered them! Mashed potato balls with cheddar cheese blocks inside, covered in breadcrumbs. Melt in your mouth, amazing. Just add a farmhouse veg accompaniment.


Covent Garden Soup Co. - Slow Roast Tomato

Another lunchtime treat, I bought this soup and some Tiger Bread from ASDA and it was so filling.
The soup tastes amazing, definitely going to be a hearty Autumn/Winter buy from now on!


Quorn Sausage and Mash

I'm a newbie to Quorn but I've always heard good things about Quorn sausages so I made the change to my favourite ever meal. It tasted great! Added lots of veg and gravy and you genuinely wouldn't be able to tell the difference to pork sausage. It is so much healthier for you as well. Definitely a meal I'll be sticking to.

Just a few ideas for you to try -as they're all VERY simple dishes I don't feel you need any recipe, but if you want to find out me just let me know!

Overall, cutting the meat out of my diet hasn't changed anything at all about my lifestyle. I feel great, I'm replacing it with plenty of other foods packed with protein and loving it! The only issue I've found is the lack of vegetarian ready meals if I were to try them. I have them on rare occasions when I'm only cooking for myself and want something I can stick in the microwave!

Any shop suggestions that have a good range of veggie ready meals?

Thursday, 11 September 2014


I picked up this season's George Home catalogue from my local ASDA this week and there are very few pages that I didn't squeal about or highlight because everything is so up my street this Autumn. I've picked out just SOME of my favourites (narrowing it down was so difficult) for you to have a look at!

(clockwise to middle)

George Home Red Knitted Throw £25

This is so beautiful, and at the minute I have a stunning asian patterned throw so it would take something stunning for me to want to replace it for Winter!

George Home Tree Clock £12

Because nowadays there's usually an electronic device in our laps there doesn't seem to be a need for a clock for it's practicality, but this is just too pretty not to want!

I bought some bright coloured Clarissa Hulse towels a short while ago that I absolutely adore. This pattern is quite similar and I think these would be a nice addition to my collection, especially at such a good price!

This is awesome, I have way too many mugs in my eclectic collection of them but this is brilliant. Possible boyfriend christmas gift, then I can use it anyway!

I think I've found the ideal teapot! I've wanted to invest in one for ages but at £5 I feel even if I use it once when my mum visits, it's worth it.

Again, probably just for my mother's use but they are really cute and I could have a proper little tea party with my teapot as well!

I've got a bit of an obsession with cushions, I love this one particularly because I don't yet have one made of felt... It would also add some extra colour to my greige and red colour scheme! I might have to battle with my flatmate though, this would look perfect in his bedroom because he has the grey/yellow that seems to be everywhere at the minute!

This is cute, autumnal and faux tweed. What more can I ask of a cushion?!

I love a good panini. Actually going to get this for my flatmate for christmas so we can have a panini/coffee date more often in our house instead of going to town. This is a pretty good price in comparison to others I've seen but then again, I'm not an expert on panini maker retail prices. Let me know if you are!

I apologise because a LOT of these things are already out of stock on the website, apparently tons of people have the same home-ware taste as me! I'm hoping they restock soon so I can get a couple of things from my list, what do you think of them?

Sunday, 7 September 2014


I've seen TONS of these blog posts and videos so thought I'd do my own whilst my makeup bag is pretty tidy! Often I don't wear much makeup, I'd probably use most of the products I feature in this post on a night out but only a few on a day-to-day basis.

Makeup Bag

Firstly, my makeup bag was actually part of a christmas gift a couple of years ago. I like it because I can see what is in it so when I pack my makeup to go away I don't have to tip it out to check I have everything.

Let's begin...


Benefit 'the POREfessional'
All time favourite primer, as a lot of people say. I only have the tiny version at the minute because it was part of a sampler set from Benefit. I only wear this on a night out because I don't find it necessary to use primer all the time, it tends to make my skin break out!


Rimmel Stay Matte - 200 Soft Beige
I've not been using this for very long but I needed a cheap foundation to use over summer whilst my face had a bit of colour. Usually I'm quite pale but I tan quickly so this foundation is a fair bit darker than what I'd normally go for. It's a good every day foundation but not one I'll continue wearing.

No7 Protect & Perfect - Calico
This is my 'I want to look like I've made an effort' foundation. I love the Boots No7 skin and makeup range and have used variations of the foundations for years. Amazing texture and blends really nicely with a brush. My absolute favourite, I highly recommend it!

Boots Foundation Brush
I used to have the No7 brush but lost it :( However, when I went to replace it I chose Boots' own version and it is actually just as good.


No7 Directional Powder Brush
Big, soft brush which is perfect for use with compact powders in my opinion. Again, can't go wrong with the No7 range.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder - 005 Silky Beige
Best powder I've come across, I can reapply and it never gets cakey and is amazingly inexpensive.
I would consider paying more if it came in a better case because I am forever cracking and breaking the lid (the lid in the picture is in fact from a Rimmel bronzer. Ssh)


Sleek Contouring and Blush palette - Light 373
I've reviewed this palette in a previous post, check it out here.
Basically I talk about how great it is and you can see from the picture it is well used!

EcoTools Blush Brush
This is from the EcoTools Bamboo set and it's a perfect shape for contouring. It works really well with the Sleek palette because it is angled and really soft. I love most of the EcoTools brushes.


Benefit BROWzings - Medium
I am so lazy when it comes to my eyebrows, I know, it's a sin. But I'd rather have that extra ten minutes in bed before work y'know? I do use this on a night out though but usually only the gel combined with my pencil.

No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
Another from my favourite range, perfect colour and coverage. Lasts forever because it's actually twice this size, I've just used it a hell of a lot and managed not to lose it, yay!


Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
I'm not a great mascara fan if I'm honest. I rarely use it and when I do it's just whichever brand is closest to me. However the S&G mascara has always done me well which I guess is why it found it's way into my permanent makeup bag.
Great colour and isn't clumpy, I especially love the chunky brush!

Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner
A rival for the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner that a lot of bloggers love for the price and efficiency! I adore the felt tip of this and it glides on so smoothly. Really easy to do flicks and precise lines and lasts all day (though definitely NOT the 25 hours it claims to last...) Really good value for money.

No7 Lift & Curve Eyelash Curler
Yes, I'm still gonna keep raving about the No7 range. These are strong, easy to use curlers and if I remember correctly they came with a replacement eyelash grip (you know what I mean, where your eyelashes are smooshed together) which means they last longer than others.


17 Eyes Trio - Smoky Quartz
I hardly ever wear eyeshadow but if I do it's usually simple and a smokey, these colours are perfect for that. It isn't very pigmented but I think I managed to grab this for a £1 in Boots (using my advantage cards coupons, obviously!) a long time ago so it was a cheap and cheerful set.

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow
I don't know what colour this is as it came in a christmas set, but the best way to describe it is a shimmering bronze/gold? It's a pretty colour, but again, I rarely wear it.

EcoTools brush
I'm gonna be honest, I think this is actually a concealer brush but I don't use it for that! I like the length of the bristles for applying eyeshadow and it blends really well.


Maybelline COLORsensational Shine Gloss - 360 Stellar Berry
This was actually after I bought the Revlon lipstick (below) because I wanted a glossy version for the summer. It's really sticky BUT a really lovely colour. Probably sticking to my lipstick now that Autumn is here!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - 477 Black Cherry 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this, this is possibly my favourite thing in my makeup bag other than the No7 foundation. It is a beautiful plum colour, ideal for Autumn/Winter but I tend to wear it all year round. It is a really dark colour (darker than it looks in the image above!) but you can mix it with a small amount of vaseline to make a beautifully coloured balm. I looked for this exact shade in so many makeup ranges and not of them were quite right. This is fantastic, cannot recommend it enough!


Not a huge amount but they're all the basics I normally use and they're ALL really reasonably priced for an average makeup bag.

If you haven't already, what's in your makeup bag?
If you have, send me your links, I LOVE finding out what other people have in theirs!