This is probably the least interesting #blogmas post you will see from me this year, I apologise.

As me and the fella are from different bits of the country, we each have a different town Christmas tree and it has become apparent that some councils are significantly less enthusiastic about showcasing this than others...
Below are pictures of the Christmas tree outside Leeds Town Hall (left) and the main Christmas tree in the centre of Oakham (right).

The Leeds one looks as if someone has thrown a single string of lights as high as they can and left it there, covering less than a quarter of the tree itself.

In Oakham, they seemed to have picked out the droopiest looking one they could find and doused it in LED's (except the very top, they clearly couldn't reach) in the hope it would disguise it.

I reckon Leeds is the worst because really, how hard would it have been to at least cover a few more branches? It's a pretty good tree, for a tree, don't get me wrong, but the final result just looks half hearted. I feel at least they made a bit more effort in Oakham and bought a few more lights.

David doesn't agree and thinks that as this one is the ONLY Christmas tree in Oakham, it should be a damn sight better. Leeds have the city square one too therefore we shouldn't whinge too much, he says.

So let's settle it, which do you think is the poorest Christmas tree attempt?

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