To say my boyfriend isn't a materialistic sort of person, I don't really find it hard to get him good gifts at Christmas. So far, so good, anyway!

We usually buy each other a few small gifts because 1. I love wrapping and 2. I love opening more than one. Therefore I've found some inexpensive ideas for the fella if you're struggling this year.

(Obviously this isn't for everyone's boyf/best friend/brother but I think they're pretty nice gifts for the boys that I know!)

(clockwise from top left)

Kaleidoscope.co.uk £15

This reminds me of my best friend. He's well into stags, so much so he has one tattooed on him...
Bedding seems like an odd Christmas gift but think about it, who wouldn't love a cosy, fresh bed on Christmas night?!

ASOS £18

This is for all the guys similar to David out there. He likes to think he's a man of the world and a bit of a gent. It strikes me as the sort of thing to be worn by those who love a tweed jacket and brogues and let's face it, it's also pretty practical. I love the colour and it's really different, I haven't seen one similar to this anywhere on the high street as of yet.

Zippo £19.96

If you're buying for someone who smokes, a lighter is always a winner. I never liked the idea of encouraging my boyfriend by buying him accessories to help him smoke but for the older guy or someone set in their ways, it can actually be a really personalised gift. Zippo have tons of designs to choose from and you can get it engraved too!

Open £10

Open is a shop that I've only just discovered and there are some great clothing and accessory gifts for any guy. This wallet is pretty cool and super good value. I always find a wallet a spot on gift to fall back on if you're stuck for ideas, practical and they're reminded of you every day ;)

ASOS £15 (sale)

Striped t-shirts can be worn by any guy, at any time, in any place. I think they never go out of style, they're great for layering and they're fashionable even if the person you're buying for isn't at all interested in the latest trends. This one in particular is a gorgeous material and now it's on sale, a great price.

Memeskins @ Etsy £2.40

We don't do nice cards. This is the favourite I've seen so far that isn't too harsh, I can't be completely vulgar if this card has to be seen by his parents, grandparents, younger cousins etc. etc.
There are options for every relative by Memeskins on Etsy, as well as various occasions.

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