December is finally here! I feel like it's been the Christmas season for a month already, everyone seems to have found their festive cheer wayyy too early. But now, I feel we're officially allowed to get a bit excited and what better way to show spirit than #blogmas ?!

I'm equally excited and a little bit daunted by the prospect of blogging every day up until Christmas but it's a challenge I'm going to do my damned hardest to achieve!

First up...

My Christmas Wishlist.

This is what I'd like Santa to bring me in an ideal world.
Failing that, I've asked my mum for a couple of these things because having all of them would be ridiculously greedy.

(clockwise from top left)

Argos £29.99
I drink a hell of a lot of tea. A lot of people say this, but really, I do. So seeing as I'm moving into a new place soon I figured now is as good a time as any to invest (or for Santa to invest) in a fine teapot. This one is gorgeous, simple and who doesn't love Mary Bez?
It's also got a little feather inside the handle, so much cute.

Yankee Candle (Toasted Marshmallow)
No idea, probably about £14

Now I cannot find where to buy this to save my life. It was featured on over at Raspberry Kiss and it was bought from ASDA, but so far, I've had no luck in finding it. Regardless, the name alone sounds amazing and I am intrigued. If there was ever a Christmas themed candle to try, it would be this.

Amazon £141.95

This caught my eye on Black Friday when Amazon reduced it to £89! What a bargain. However, as I didn't have that sort of money to spend on hair styling products I gave it a miss. Shock horror, I've NEVER owned GHD straighteners. And I feel like I never understood what I was missing. This tempted me slightly, although I might have been more excited about the pretty colour they come in...

ASOS £23

These. Are. So. Cute.
They're all so nice, I can't even make my mind up which colour I would ask for if I was to add it to my actual list. I love the case, I love Anna Sui, I love the entire range. I have never spent £23 on a lipstick and I probably never would, which is why it's on this list. 

Amazon £5

Me and David absolutely LOVE this and for the last few months every time we decide to watch, we have to watch something else because neither of us can find the original DVD. I'm pretty much admitting defeat and accepting that it's been lost for good, so I'd love a replacement!

Boots, £39.99

I went to Boots earlier this week because I'm in dire need of a new perfume and on a 'spray as many paper sticks as you can' mission. I'm the sort that sticks to the same bottle of perfume (Diesel Loverdose for the past 3 years...) and just replaces it when it's finished. Absolutely fell in love with the Boss Ma Vie so I've asked my mum for this too. And it doesn't hurt that the bottle is lovely.

What's on your ideal Christmas list this year?

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