I often write a list of things in December that I want to achieve throughout the following year. By chance, I found the one I wrote in 2013 and thought I'd share with you what I managed to tick off the list!

- Travel to Australia
This is now on next year's list!

- Learn Spanish
- Again, next year hopefully...

- Go to Glastonbury
Had another amazing festival!

- See Katy Perry
Saw the concert in Manchester with my best mate, brilliant! Read more here.

- Move out
Moved into a flat with my best friend, now living by myself in a shared house.

- Move on
Got back together with the love of my life!

- Sort out portfolio
Not as much as I'd like to, I want to sort a digital portfolio this year though...

- Start blog
Et voila!

- Go blonde
Had another dip dye, it's getting blonder by the day!

- Visit Harriet
Tried and failed, bad timing!

- Go back to Scarborough
Not yet, attempting to go in 2015

- Drive more
Nope. Hate driving. Still.

- Get a new job
Done and done! Now officially a graphic designer!

- Read more books
I think I did well but I want to read even more next year!

- Go to the gym
I joined it earlier in the year...

- Cook/bake more
Not as much as I wanted to, laziness won out.

- Eat healthier
I had a veggie month in September (look here!) but I could do better.

- Go to more gigs in Leeds
Had the best gigs this year, check them out here.

As well as these, I've done so many awesome things including:

- helped my best friend move to Malta
- got a promotion
- went to my first blogger event (here)
- went on a family holiday
- started an aerial hoop class (here)
- saw the Christmas lights in London (here)

Hope you've all had a wonderful year!

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