This year has been an AMAZING year in music in my opinion.

I've seen some amazing tours, there's been the best newcomers in music for a long time and my old favourites have released top albums. I don't do enough music posts to say it's been such a huge part of 2014, so I might make that a blogging resolution for next year!

I've put together a few of the best moments of music for me in 2014.

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour @ Manchester Phones 4 U arena

I have waited a very long time to see Katy Perry in action and it was the most spectacular show I've ever been to. She got a lot of bad rep for performing live on TV last year but in actuality, her voice was stunning. How a woman can sound so great whilst running up and down a treadmill between swinging cats and oversized emojicons I have no idea.

Definitely the most fun I've had at an arena concert since Steps circa 2001.

Arctic Monkeys - Finsbury Park

These are an old favourite and having seen them a couple of times before I knew I'd enjoy it. I love gigs that have support acts that you enjoy just as much as the headliner and Royal Blood and Miles Kane support was awesome.

The ONLY issue I had with this? No Mardy Bum. But as the #0114 girls representing Yorkshire, we serenaded the crowd whilst shuffling out of the park for a good twenty minutes after Alex left the stage.

source: NME

The Kooks - John Peel Stage @ Glastonbury

Whilst myself and my friends from Oxfam were working hard (sat recovering from the previous night's antics) at the entrance, it was released on Twitter that The Kooks were playing a secret gig. After our shift we downed a can of cider (thank you to the man who gave us the rest of his crate on his way out of the festival!) legged it to John Peel and had the BEST time.

They played the classics and the new stuff as we danced around our bag mountain. I can honestly say I've never had a better gig experience whilst being at the very back of a tent - plenty of boogie room.

Dolly Parton - Pyramid Stage @ Glastonbury

I cried.
Yes, I did have a box of wine previous to her performance which could have contributed to this BUT honestly, it was emotional all round. It was amazing to see such a legend of music sing all her originals and who knew she could play so many instruments?!

Highlights were 'Jolene' (thumbs up to the Theatre & Circus Glasto team who promoted the dance and the security guards who joined in) and 'Blue Smoke'. Totally bought her new album afterwards and I am not ashamed.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls - Unity Works, Wakefield

This was the first time I'd seen Frank Turner at his own gig rather than amidst a festival and it was bloody brilliant. I'm gonna be honest, I've not gone through his entire back catalogue and learnt every word like a lot of people around me had but I'm still a pretty big fan. Not necessarily just of his music but of his attitude to life and fame in general.

Also meeting the band afterwards was pretty cool. They're all down to earth guys and thanks to Tarrant for coming over and chatting and thanks to the random girl who thought we were dating. I was flattered.

Jamie T - Alexandra Palace, London

This was spectacular both because it was the biggest comeback of the year and the venue is just brilliant. He played all the crowd favourites and showed off the best of his new album 'Carry on The Grudge' and it was spot on. See my full gig review here.

What were your favourite gigs of 2014?

In 2015, I've already got a few gigs lined up I think are gonna be amazing including King Charles, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Hozier, as well as another wonderful week at Glastonbury! Hope you've enjoyed my round-up of this year, give me a shout if you have any gigs you think I'd love!