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So last month you may have seen my OCTOBER RESOLUTIONS post and it went pretty darn well I'd say. So well in fact, I'm going to be sticking to more mini resolutions this month too!

Celebrate 'Bonfire Night'

I lived by the seaside for three years at university and going to the beach to watch crazy students set off fireworks was, although maybe a risk to my life, absolutely brilliant. A flask of brandy and hot chocolate, lots of layers and a sparkler and I was happy. I'd love to at least do something, whether it's to go to a huge fireworks display or just have a toffee apple at home!

Get another tattoo

I've dillied and dallied about this for far too long now. I came up with the idea fairly recently, which is different to my others that I had thought about well in advance and wanted for years. However as I'm getting older I am positive I know my own mind and more reasons have come to light why the design is perfect for me, as soon as I decide where I want to go to get it done I'll book it this year!

Do more design work in my spare time

I work as a graphic designer but there are still so many skills and programmes I want to learn. I planned to do more personal design work after I started my job but almost six months later, I don't have a lot to show for it. The plan is to get my act together and work on learning new things and coming out of my design comfort zone!

I loved all your comments last month, let me know if you share any of these resolutions :)

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