Remember, remember the 5th of November...
because it's also my half birthday!

Yes I know I sound like a spoiled child but I don't actually celebrate it, however, my mum is to blame for me always having to have someone at least acknowledge it. Almost every year when I was little and bonfire night came around, she reminded me it was halfway between my birthdays and that just stuck with me.

So imagine my surprise when this year, my boyfriend drove up to see me for the night, so we could go out and see the fireworks! He even brought everything we could possibly need for a night in the cold!

 We started the night with some hearty, British ready meals then set off armed with
hot chocolate and brandy in our flasks, reminiscent of our Scarborough beach bonfire tradition.
He even brought me the cutest owl glove/mittens (Primark) because he knew I didn't have any!

We went to a park a short bus ride away from where I live, which was new to both of us.
David's face was pure brilliance when he saw the size of the bonfire in comparison to what he's used to, being a country bumpkin from the midlands.

In his words, 'Northerner's know how to do a bonfire'. Damn reet, we do.
We watched the fireworks which were amazing and it was a lovely, lovely night and a great surprise and thanks David, for helping me complete a November Resolution :)

Hope you all had a wonderful night!