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Thanks to the wonderful Lauren over at byLaurenJane who nominated me for this tag, here goes...

'50 Random Facts About Me'

1. Half my front tooth is fake, I chipped it when I was 11
2. I hate mushrooms
3. I don't have a favourite colour
4. I have ombre hair
5. Lucy Watson is my personality icon
6. I would kill for Lily Collins eyebrows
7. I've lived with my best friend for the last year but I'm moving out soon
8. I once had scarlet fever
9. I have a degree in Design for Digital Media
10. People who mumble are a pet hate of mine
11. I have a short temper
12. I loved my first year at uni
13. I hated my third year at uni
14. I have a dog called Oscar
15. Nokia phones are my favourite
16. My fave TV programmes atm are Made in Chelsea, The Apprentice and ANTM
17. I worked at a shoe shop for SIX years
18. I'd love to dye my hair lilac but I'm too lazy to keep it up
19. I drink about 8 cups of tea a day
20. Most of the time, I'm thinking about food
21. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger
22. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi
23. My Starbucks drink of choice is either a caramel latte or chocolate cream frappuccino
24. Twitter is my fave social media site
25. My boyfriend lives exactly 100 miles away
26. The plan is to travel Australia for a month next year
27. I work in graphic design
28. I am a godmother
29. My favourite month of the year is May (not only because it's my birthday...)
30. One of my best friends currently lives in Malta and I'm so jealous
31. My favourite shop is Ark
32. I love my leather jacket more than some of my friends
33. I'm not specifically religious but I believe in the idea of faith as part of a positive life
34. I am much happier now than I was one year ago
35. I have two tattoos
36. In Year Six I won a 'Spelling Champion' award at school (to this day, it's one of my greatest achievements!)
37. I'm currently doing an aerial hoop course to get fit
38. My wardrobe is full of crop tops and patterned trousers
39. In my opinion, Steps > S Club 7
40. My favourite makeup brand is Boots No7
41. Glastonbury festival has stolen my heart
42. I love reading
43. I cry at horror films, I'm such a wuss
44. My family is so huge, I've lost count of how many cousins I have
45. I want twins in the future
46. My dream holiday is Bali
47. I built my first piece of flat pack furniture this year
48. Someone once told me I had 'rain-coloured' eyes, which is rather nice (they're weirdly grey)
49. I still make a wish at 11.11 and 22.22
50. 2014 has been my favourite year so far

It's actually more difficult than I thought to think of that many facts about yourself!

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