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It's scary how quickly time is flying by! We're already in October, which means it's almost Halloween, which means it isn't long until Christmas. Eep!

I've been loving all sorts of things this month so there's no specific theme, just anything and everything. I've got a lot to say about certain things, so be prepared for an information and opinion heavy post ;)

Wes Anderson films

I took one for the team (when I say team, I mean relationship) and accompanied my boyfriend to
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' earlier this year. Wes Anderson is his favourite director and if I'm honest, I'd never heard of him before then. I left unsure whether I enjoyed or not. It was laugh-out-loud funny and I giggled about some one liners for a good few hours after we exited the cinema but I though quirky angles and the Wes Anderson film style wasn't really my cup of tea.
since then I have seen 'The Darjeeling Limited' with Sneaky Experience on a lovely little cinema night at a curry house (appropriate food theme!) and I really enjoyed it! I then watched Moonrise Kingdom which was a little weirder but still, I've definitely gotten into the style. His films have simple but strange plots and the cast are always superb. Next on my list is 'The Life Aquatic'.

This Grey T-Shirt (x2)

I don't care how random this is. I don't care it is a £4 Primark purchase.
What matters is that it is THE most comfortable item of clothing I've ever known.
So much so that I own two of the same. Not even different colours. Exactly. The. Same. It looks cool with leggings or jeans when you're not trying too hard, it is ideal for the gym and is also the best pyjama top. Just buy one. Seriously.

Mango & Strawberry Twinings Tea

This has been amazing during my Vegetarian September. Because I've given up meat in order to get a bit healthier and eat more veg, I also decided to stop eating so much sugar and desserts. I've been replacing the odd chocolate bar with Mango & Strawberry tea and it has done wonders for my skin! I am a huge fan of green tea and flavoured tea as it is but the smell and taste of this is beautiful.
Tip: Brew for about 3 minutes and do not over stir otherwise the taste is tangy

Vichy Moisturiser

I splurged on this a couple of months ago and have used it religiously since but it seems to be lasting forever (which is a great thing). I've found it just right, hydrates my skin without being too greasy. My skin is definitely less oily during the day when I apply this before my makeup. I remember there being loooads of Vichy moisturising products to try when I got this which was a bit daunting, but don't be put off. The brand itself is fab, just read the back of the products carefully to see if it suits your skin type.

America's Next Top Model

I loved the last season of ANTM when it included male models too so I was thrilled the same rules apply in this cycle. I'm no model mogul but I do feel androgynous models are always so quirky and bring something completely new to what is constantly seen in the media. It is moving with the times and people want to see something different in high fashion. This cycle so far features some amazing characters and I'm loving it!

What have you been loving throughout September?