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I am a sucker for New Year's resolutions and for the past few years I've scribbled some goals down for the following year, then resolutely lost the piece of paper or thrown it away by accident. A lot are usually generic, ' be happier', 'meet more people', 'try something new' etc.
I've decided there's no need to wait until 2015 is almost upon us to write a new list.

These things I want to aim to do before the end of this month, so there's no extreme travel plans (I've actually already used up my work holidays for this year and more...) but a few tiny things I want to be able to look back at next month and say I'm glad I completed.

Get up early and do something productive before work.

I am absolutely one of these people who snooze their alarm multiple times, then have to decide between whether I want to wash my hair or eat breakfast. I usually opt to do neither and stay in bed.
I want to attempt to do this at least once a week, maybe go for a run (although with today's Winter weather that won't be likely) or write a blog post. Even if it's to do something like put some washing in or tidy my wardrobe, doing something productive always makes me feel like my morning has not been wasted!

Go to lots of live music events

Sort of cheating on this because I've already booked loads of gigs for the next couple of months. Before last month I couldn't even remember the last gig I went to and I can't understand why when I always come back grinning and loving life. I've got a lot planned to compensate but I also want to go to some more of my friend's open mic nights because it's always great to see them perform and I'm in training to become #1 Roadie.

Bake a cake

My mum is an amazing baker. This is apparently not genetic because I am pretty shit. Not the worst but certainly not great. I want to bake a cake from scratch and do some amazing icing. I'm thinking Halloween might be a good excuse to create something that looks awesome. If it tastes awful I can say it's supposed to be like that - it's Halloween. Trick or Treat.

Spend time with my mum

Me and my mum have the sort of relationship where we could go months without speaking but still know we're both doing okay. I love her to bits and since I moved out (again) I've not seen as much of her as I would like. Definitely going to treat her to a cinema trip because we both read 'The Maze Runner' last year and have been waiting for the film ever since!

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