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I have seen some awesome items online recently that I have either ordered, plan to order or basically have lusted after but can't afford. I've put together a few of my favourites from two of my favourite sites.

This site sells some of the most beautiful handmade items ever. You can find so many personalised things so I find it great for gifts, a lot of my Christmas presents will be bought online this year!

The Grand Budapest Hotel Tshirt from VeryTroubledChild
£19.08 (£3.76 P+P)
This is spot on for one of my boyfriend's Christmas presents, I absolutely adore it. We love the film and he will wear this SO MUCH. There's a 'Lobby Girl' version I'm tempted to get but that's treading into sickly couple territory having matching t-shirts... isn't it?

Handmade Reversible Cloud Shaped Chalkboard
£6.00 (£4 P+P)
(So, this isn't really fashion, unless you count it as fashionable homeware?!) I reviewed the Teacup Shaped Chalkboard* in a post last month (read it here) and absolutely loved it. I'm planning on getting the cloud version for my friend who is having a baby boy next year! It's such a unique gift and I think it will be ideal for a nursery.

Harry Potter 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' Vest
£7.33 (£5.10 P+P)
I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this is one of my favourite quotes from the series. Who doesn't love a good, slouchy vest?! And if it's on sale, it would be quite rude not to.


As you probably already know, this site is the best for finding anything and everything. You can almost guarantee someone is selling what you're looking for. With it being an auction, you can get some of the best bargains on here.

Graphic Print Tshirt
£4.43 (free P+P)
I LOVE so many of these prints, I don't know which to choose! People pay a lot of money in high street shops for designs similar to these so I think £4.43 is a bargain. Teamed with a pair of black skinnies and converse, it's a pretty cool casual outfit.

Head Case Designs Nokia 925 Phone Case
£5.15 (free P+P)
I've wanted a colourful case for my Windows phone for a while now and this is gorgeous. It arrived well packaged and looks exactly how I expected AND it was amazing value for money.

£8.89 (free P+P)
I don't like the standard canvas case that you can buy in the Fuji Instax set so I didn't bother but this is ideal. I'm planning to take mine to London and want it to be safe and easy to access, this is perfect and I LOVE that it matches my vintage carry bag I bought recently (here).

What bargains have you found online recently?