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So a couple of months back I was really excited to become part of the blogging team for the Fashion and Lifestyle exhibition at Eventcity in Manchester. It took place last weekend and if you haven't already seen the chaos that ensued then it's safe to say, it was a bit of a balls up...

It was disorganised, surprisingly empty and it wasn't a great atmosphere in general.

HOWEVER, I think it's important to pay attention to the fantastic stalls and people who turned up and were enthusiastic and bloody lovely regardless, so this post will not endorse the event itself but draw your attention to some of the fantastic brands that were there.

I'm such a sucker for a solo train journey so I headed off with my current read (Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen) and risking only a couple of layers despite the cold weather. Feeling like I have now mastered my way around Manchester, after usually getting lost every time I visit, I picked up a Starbucks at Piccadilly Gardens and caught the bus to EventCity.

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When I arrived, the girl at the entrance desk was really helpful and took me to get my Press Pass and AAA pass from the organiser's office. They weren't quite as helpful but nevertheless I got my passes (without lanyard - I was told to just show them if necessary, awkward, but fine).

It was extremely empty but as it was only 10am and as I'm a bit of an early bird, I didn't question it. I wandered around the stalls that were already set up and was given a glass of champers by the lovely lady (I'm so sorry I didn't catch your name!) from Designer Exchange. They sell designer bags at hugely discounted rates because they're second hand but in amazing condition, some never used!

I was lucky enough to meet up with the beautiful Lauren from byLaurenJane - check out her review of the event here.

We then met the wonderful Frankie Lynn and her Amazing Fairytale Shoes (I didn't originally intend for that to sound like a Harry Potter book title spin off).

These are stunning - as Lauren has showcased below!
Frankie designs and creates them herself and takes custom orders too, have a look at more of her designs on her website - Frankie Lynn.

Miss Kay

This stand had the loveliest accessories and the phone cases were really cute. A lot of the items are on their website here but if you get a chance, go and see their products in person because the set up was beautiful. Definitely never seen a necklace similar to the globe one before!

Keep It Bright

This clothing collection featured in the fashion show and it had already caught my eye earlier in the day because of it's vibrancy. There are some gorgeous accessories and it's all very fun and summery and the bracelets in particular, very 90s!

Fashion Shows

One of the highlights of the day was supposed to be the fashion shows. With an AAA pass, visitors would be allowed a seat at the catwalk but it was actually just a free-for-all so I can guarantee anyone who forked out for one would be disappointed. Even more so when they realised their 'goody bag' contained a bottle of vitamin water and a biscuit.

A lot of the clothes were pretty cool and I'd seen them on my travels around the expo already but in my opinion, there could've been a lot more variety. Eustratia's finale was definitely more of the performance the visitors had been expecting and it would have been great if the same amount of energy had been put into the entire show rather than just the latex-heavy section (eye opening!)

I was definitely glad I went because I met some lovely people.
BUT if I had paid to get in and paid for an AAA pass or been an exhibitor, I would definitely have been annoyed. It's so unfortunate a lot of brands are at a loss because of the lack of organisation, marketing, whatever the reasons may be.

I hope you check out the brands featured in my post,
they are the real troopers of the event and definitely worth a look!

Also, couple of cheeky snaps of what I wore on the day...

Bralet // Adidas
Cardigan // Vintage
Trousers // Select
Boots // Clarks
Necklace // River Island