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Boots is my absolute favourite drugstore as I might've mentioned in previous posts, so when this year's first Christmas points event came around in October it was impossible to resist. The majority of my makeup has been running out recently, so I waited for the event to get the offer:
£12 worth of points when you spend £50.

These events are on regularly until Christmas so check out your local store for details of dates and times! As well as the points event, there are loads of fab offers on beauty at the minute which I took advantage of too!

£9.99 (3 for 2 offer on skincare)

So I loved a recent sample of this so I had to get the product! Still makes my skin feel amazing; not a greasy formula because it is oil free which is perfect for my combination/oily face! It's so much lighter than a foundation which is great now the weather is getting colder and central heating wreaks havoc on my skin.

Clearasil Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner
£5.29 (3 for 2 offer on skincare)

I am a true fan on the Simple toner however, my skin has been ultra tricky recently and I've struggled with breakouts and serious grease (bleh). I wanted a tough toner including alcohol to help counteract the oiliness so I'm hoping this does the trick!

St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub
£4.29 (3 for 2 offer on skincare, so I got this free!)

I have owned this before but had forgotten how amazing it is until using some of my friend's the other day! It's amazing to exfoliate your skin and I feel now that summer weather is well and truly diminishing, my skin needs a total refresh.

Imperial Leather Foamburst (sweet vanilla & cherry blossom)
£3.15 (on offer for £2)

I absolutely adore this shower gel, it foams up so much - as the name insinuates - and smells amazing. It's definitely worth trying when on offer, otherwise £3.15 is a bit pricey for a shower gel in my opinion, even if it is fabulous.

Dove Men +Care  Body & Face Wash (fresh awake) 

Wait, a mens product?! What?
My boyfriend comes to stay for a week occasionally as we live a bit of a distance away from each other, so I thought it about time I invested in a shower product for him to use whilst he's here. I have a sneaking suspicion however that he'll prefer my Imperial Leather Foamburst in comparison...

Brown Blending Hair Grips
Metal Free Ponybands

Standard, boring hair accessories I was running out of. You get it.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (calico)
£14.50 (Buy a No7 product, get another half price offer)

If you've read any other beauty posts, you will be sick of me harping on about the Boots No7 range. Basically this foundation is amazing. I got the palest colour because I'm going for a very natural Autumn look and I am indeed, naturally very pale!
I ran out of this not long after my 'What's in my Makeup Bag?' post which you can find here.

No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer
£13.50 (offer as above, bought for £6.75)

Like so many others, I have such an issue with dark bags under my eyes. I've recently been using Benefit's Boi-ing concealer but I wanted a liquid concealer instead as I feel they offer more coverage. I am a huge fan of No7 so thought I'd give this a whirl as I got it for half price in the No7 offer with my foundation.

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD (02 | Golden Eye)
£6.99 (free mascara when you spend £10 on Rimmel)

I am not a huge fan of eyeshadow and rarely buy it but as it is Halloween at the end of the month I wanted a dark palette to use. This one stood out to me because when I do wear eyeshadow, it always consists of black, grey and white! I love the shimmery colours and the fact the black is matte.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner (001 Black)
£3.99 (free mascara when you spend £10 on Rimmel)

I love this product and having replaced it with liquid eyeliner for a while, I felt it was time it made a comeback. It will go well with the eyeshadow palette. Autumn/Winter is smoky eye season after all!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Peach Glow)
£3.99 (free mascara when you spend £10 on Rimmel)

This has also featured in my 'What's in my Makeup Bag?' post and it is a product I will buy forever more. Really nice size, lasts ages and only have to use it once a day normally. Perfect powder.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless (Brown)
£7.99 (free with the offer!)

I made a rookie mistake and didn't check the colour when I picked this up. I assumed it would be black. I was wrong. HOWEVER, instead of going to swap it I decided to try it out this season. Brown mascara is something I have never tried but I'll be looking for posts and reviews on the best ways to use it, as well as using it as a base coat before black mascara (thank you best friends for suggesting this!)

I picked up the Health and Beauty magazine which is always full of handy tips. I've not had the actual magazine for ages as it is now available online.

And the CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE is here! It's officially almost Christmas when this magazine comes into stores and I'm excited to flick through and find gift ideas for my friends and family.

It's safe to say I'll be waiting a while before I buy more makeup from Boots but the points event will come in handy when I do my Christmas shopping next month!