I'm originally from Leeds but didn't appreciate it until I left for uni. Now I've been back for a while I've found I LOVE it and I understand the hype other people have always applied to the city. There's something for everyone, the people are (sometimes) friendly and it is bloody lively.

I've put together a few of my favourite places to eat in Leeds so if you're lucky enough to be up North, you can check them out.

This has been one of my favourite drinking holes for a while. It's just the right amount of comfortable and lively but it was only recently I went in for food. It's similar to your typical pub food menu but better quality, better presentation and better value for money. It's such a nice atmosphere to have a casual dinner in and with Rekorderlig on draught, I am not complaining.

For the veggies: There's no skimping on the veggie menu like a lot of other pubs and bars do. There is a lot to choose from and from my experience, the dishes are beaut. (Try the veggie burrito. Trust me.)

I love the eclectic, over-the-top pub interior. It's great for after work drinks, they have various music nights or just go for a quiet game of pool and catch up with friends.

It's also the perfect place for a date - just throwing that out there ;)

This is new to Leeds, quirky and sells the best burger you will have. Ever.
The bar entrance is a great meeting place and any restaurant that sells Aspall cider is a winner in my book. There's also a huge choice of cocktails and ale (the boyfriend was chuffed with his 2 Pt. jar of Longhammer!)

Full of really cool artwork and graphics, I absolutely love the look and feel of the downstairs restaurant area. There's even a disco inspired corner like something straight out of Phoenix nights.
Like your typical, american diner style, the tables are pretty snug so not somewhere to go if you want to have a private conversation as the place can be crammed on an evening. Also not a place to go if you've had a hard day shopping in town - there is no room for your six Primark bags here, friend.

Now the food. The menu is available on the website here and it's spot on. Word of warning though, the side portions are massive! Great with a group of friends, get a bit of everything and enjoy!

The Everyman cinema itself is always a luxury but for the first time this month, I visited the Pizzeria beforehand as well. Every person we spoke to was lovely, extremely helpful and the food was divine.
We chose the standard wood fired pizzas (pepperoni for me, spinach and mushroom for my mum!) and they were huge! Great value for money, especially as I expected it to be much more expensive due to the cinema prices.

What's better than great pizza before a film? Great pizza during the film. At the Everyman you can also pre-order pizza to arrive just as the film starts. It's brought over to your sofa and you can eat and enjoy. Awesome.

Are you hungry enough now?

The customer service in all of these places is also spot on, so big props to those who most of the time are rushed off their feet but still make the experience great.

If you're in Leeds, check these places out and if you're not, get yourselves on a megabus or something.