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I'm originally from Leeds but didn't appreciate it until I left for uni. Now I've been back for a while I've found I LOVE it and I understand the hype other people have always applied to the city. There's something for everyone, the people are (sometimes) friendly and it is bloody lively.

I've put together a few of my favourite places to eat in Leeds so if you're lucky enough to be up North, you can check them out.


This has been one of my favourite drinking holes for a while. It's just the right amount of comfortable and lively but it was only recently I went in for food. It's similar to your typical pub food menu but better quality, better presentation and better value for money. It's such a nice atmosphere to have a casual dinner in and with Rekorderlig on draught, I am not complaining.

For the veggies: There's no skimping on the veggie menu like a lot of other pubs and bars do. There is a lot to choose from and from my experience, the dishes are beaut. (Try the veggie burrito. Trust me.)

I love the eclectic, over-the-top pub interior. It's great for after work drinks, they have various music nights or just go for a quiet game of pool and catch up with friends.

It's also the perfect place for a date - just throwing that out there ;)


This is new to Leeds, quirky and sells the best burger you will have. Ever.
The bar entrance is a great meeting place and any restaurant that sells Aspall cider is a winner in my book. There's also a huge choice of cocktails and ale (the boyfriend was chuffed with his 2 Pt. jar of Longhammer!)

Full of really cool artwork and graphics, I absolutely love the look and feel of the downstairs restaurant area. There's even a disco inspired corner like something straight out of Phoenix nights.
Like your typical, american diner style, the tables are pretty snug so not somewhere to go if you want to have a private conversation as the place can be crammed on an evening. Also not a place to go if you've had a hard day shopping in town - there is no room for your six Primark bags here, friend.

Now the food. The menu is available on the website here and it's spot on. Word of warning though, the side portions are massive! Great with a group of friends, get a bit of everything and enjoy!

source: own
source:                                                                                                                                            source: own

The Everyman cinema itself is always a luxury but for the first time this month, I visited the Pizzeria beforehand as well. Every person we spoke to was lovely, extremely helpful and the food was divine.
We chose the standard wood fired pizzas (pepperoni for me, spinach and mushroom for my mum!) and they were huge! Great value for money, especially as I expected it to be much more expensive due to the cinema prices.

What's better than great pizza before a film? Great pizza during the film. At the Everyman you can also pre-order pizza to arrive just as the film starts. It's brought over to your sofa and you can eat and enjoy. Awesome.

Are you hungry enough now?

The customer service in all of these places is also spot on, so big props to those who most of the time are rushed off their feet but still make the experience great.

If you're in Leeds, check these places out and if you're not, get yourselves on a megabus or something.


I'd like to thank the wonderful Isabel for nominating me for this Liebster Award! I love reading about other people's lives and loves and there are always new blogs to be found. Check out Isabel's answers here. Here are the rules...

Answer the questions that are sent to you
Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers on twitter
Ask them 12 questions of your own
Notify them that they've been nominated

Isabel's questions for me are...

1. If you could dye your hair any other colour, what would it be?

2. When you're not blogging, what do you do for fun?
I love going to live music gigs, vintage fairs and day trips to the seaside!

3. On a big night out, are heels a must?
Absolutely (although 16 year old me is screaming otherwise and chucking Converse at my head)

4. What is your favourite item of clothing you own?
A grey batwing crop top that used to belong to my mum in the 80s

5. Where would you love to be right now?
With my boyfriend on a long holiday!

6. What is a name you really hate?
I honestly can't think of one I hate, a name is a name. Some are ridiculous imo but each to their own!

7. Who is your celebrity idol right now?
Lucy Watson, what a woman

8. Guilty pleasure music?
Taylor Swift. Although it's actually become less of a guilty pleasure and more like I'm screaming that her album is out next week to anyone who will listen

9. Name three essential items you need in your bag when you go out.
Phone, Dark lipstick and my I.D due to looking like a 12 year old still

10. Favourite dessert.
Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce. Nom.

11. Describe an ideal weekend.
David wouldn't be working and we could have lie-ins and go visit a park/museum/castle or something equally as pretentious. Then we'd go out with my family for tea or drinks with friends and come home and watch film after film after film.

My questions are...

1.What's your all time favourite book?
2. Do you live for the weekend?
3. What's your favourite hair accessory or product?
4. What is your favourite meal of the day?
5. Describe your perfect night in.
6. Would you rather wear one colour for the rest of your life or have to wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit?
7. What's your favourite hairstyle?
8. Do you use Pinterest?
9. Are you looking forward to Christmas? Why?
10. Will you be making any New Year's Resolutions?
11. What's your favourite colour?
12. Do you have any secrets?

I'd like to nominate...

and anyone else who would like to answer my questions :)


I have seen some awesome items online recently that I have either ordered, plan to order or basically have lusted after but can't afford. I've put together a few of my favourites from two of my favourite sites.

This site sells some of the most beautiful handmade items ever. You can find so many personalised things so I find it great for gifts, a lot of my Christmas presents will be bought online this year!

The Grand Budapest Hotel Tshirt from VeryTroubledChild
£19.08 (£3.76 P+P)
This is spot on for one of my boyfriend's Christmas presents, I absolutely adore it. We love the film and he will wear this SO MUCH. There's a 'Lobby Girl' version I'm tempted to get but that's treading into sickly couple territory having matching t-shirts... isn't it?

Handmade Reversible Cloud Shaped Chalkboard
£6.00 (£4 P+P)
(So, this isn't really fashion, unless you count it as fashionable homeware?!) I reviewed the Teacup Shaped Chalkboard* in a post last month (read it here) and absolutely loved it. I'm planning on getting the cloud version for my friend who is having a baby boy next year! It's such a unique gift and I think it will be ideal for a nursery.

Harry Potter 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' Vest
£7.33 (£5.10 P+P)
I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this is one of my favourite quotes from the series. Who doesn't love a good, slouchy vest?! And if it's on sale, it would be quite rude not to.


As you probably already know, this site is the best for finding anything and everything. You can almost guarantee someone is selling what you're looking for. With it being an auction, you can get some of the best bargains on here.

Graphic Print Tshirt
£4.43 (free P+P)
I LOVE so many of these prints, I don't know which to choose! People pay a lot of money in high street shops for designs similar to these so I think £4.43 is a bargain. Teamed with a pair of black skinnies and converse, it's a pretty cool casual outfit.

Head Case Designs Nokia 925 Phone Case
£5.15 (free P+P)
I've wanted a colourful case for my Windows phone for a while now and this is gorgeous. It arrived well packaged and looks exactly how I expected AND it was amazing value for money.

£8.89 (free P+P)
I don't like the standard canvas case that you can buy in the Fuji Instax set so I didn't bother but this is ideal. I'm planning to take mine to London and want it to be safe and easy to access, this is perfect and I LOVE that it matches my vintage carry bag I bought recently (here).

What bargains have you found online recently?


So a couple of months back I was really excited to become part of the blogging team for the Fashion and Lifestyle exhibition at Eventcity in Manchester. It took place last weekend and if you haven't already seen the chaos that ensued then it's safe to say, it was a bit of a balls up...

It was disorganised, surprisingly empty and it wasn't a great atmosphere in general.

HOWEVER, I think it's important to pay attention to the fantastic stalls and people who turned up and were enthusiastic and bloody lovely regardless, so this post will not endorse the event itself but draw your attention to some of the fantastic brands that were there.

I'm such a sucker for a solo train journey so I headed off with my current read (Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen) and risking only a couple of layers despite the cold weather. Feeling like I have now mastered my way around Manchester, after usually getting lost every time I visit, I picked up a Starbucks at Piccadilly Gardens and caught the bus to EventCity.

See More
When I arrived, the girl at the entrance desk was really helpful and took me to get my Press Pass and AAA pass from the organiser's office. They weren't quite as helpful but nevertheless I got my passes (without lanyard - I was told to just show them if necessary, awkward, but fine).

It was extremely empty but as it was only 10am and as I'm a bit of an early bird, I didn't question it. I wandered around the stalls that were already set up and was given a glass of champers by the lovely lady (I'm so sorry I didn't catch your name!) from Designer Exchange. They sell designer bags at hugely discounted rates because they're second hand but in amazing condition, some never used!

I was lucky enough to meet up with the beautiful Lauren from byLaurenJane - check out her review of the event here.

We then met the wonderful Frankie Lynn and her Amazing Fairytale Shoes (I didn't originally intend for that to sound like a Harry Potter book title spin off).

These are stunning - as Lauren has showcased below!
Frankie designs and creates them herself and takes custom orders too, have a look at more of her designs on her website - Frankie Lynn.

Miss Kay

This stand had the loveliest accessories and the phone cases were really cute. A lot of the items are on their website here but if you get a chance, go and see their products in person because the set up was beautiful. Definitely never seen a necklace similar to the globe one before!

Keep It Bright

This clothing collection featured in the fashion show and it had already caught my eye earlier in the day because of it's vibrancy. There are some gorgeous accessories and it's all very fun and summery and the bracelets in particular, very 90s!

Fashion Shows

One of the highlights of the day was supposed to be the fashion shows. With an AAA pass, visitors would be allowed a seat at the catwalk but it was actually just a free-for-all so I can guarantee anyone who forked out for one would be disappointed. Even more so when they realised their 'goody bag' contained a bottle of vitamin water and a biscuit.

A lot of the clothes were pretty cool and I'd seen them on my travels around the expo already but in my opinion, there could've been a lot more variety. Eustratia's finale was definitely more of the performance the visitors had been expecting and it would have been great if the same amount of energy had been put into the entire show rather than just the latex-heavy section (eye opening!)

I was definitely glad I went because I met some lovely people.
BUT if I had paid to get in and paid for an AAA pass or been an exhibitor, I would definitely have been annoyed. It's so unfortunate a lot of brands are at a loss because of the lack of organisation, marketing, whatever the reasons may be.

I hope you check out the brands featured in my post,
they are the real troopers of the event and definitely worth a look!

Also, couple of cheeky snaps of what I wore on the day...

Bralet // Adidas
Cardigan // Vintage
Trousers // Select
Boots // Clarks
Necklace // River Island


I am a sucker for New Year's resolutions and for the past few years I've scribbled some goals down for the following year, then resolutely lost the piece of paper or thrown it away by accident. A lot are usually generic, ' be happier', 'meet more people', 'try something new' etc.
I've decided there's no need to wait until 2015 is almost upon us to write a new list.

These things I want to aim to do before the end of this month, so there's no extreme travel plans (I've actually already used up my work holidays for this year and more...) but a few tiny things I want to be able to look back at next month and say I'm glad I completed.

Get up early and do something productive before work.

I am absolutely one of these people who snooze their alarm multiple times, then have to decide between whether I want to wash my hair or eat breakfast. I usually opt to do neither and stay in bed.
I want to attempt to do this at least once a week, maybe go for a run (although with today's Winter weather that won't be likely) or write a blog post. Even if it's to do something like put some washing in or tidy my wardrobe, doing something productive always makes me feel like my morning has not been wasted!

Go to lots of live music events

Sort of cheating on this because I've already booked loads of gigs for the next couple of months. Before last month I couldn't even remember the last gig I went to and I can't understand why when I always come back grinning and loving life. I've got a lot planned to compensate but I also want to go to some more of my friend's open mic nights because it's always great to see them perform and I'm in training to become #1 Roadie.

Bake a cake

My mum is an amazing baker. This is apparently not genetic because I am pretty shit. Not the worst but certainly not great. I want to bake a cake from scratch and do some amazing icing. I'm thinking Halloween might be a good excuse to create something that looks awesome. If it tastes awful I can say it's supposed to be like that - it's Halloween. Trick or Treat.

Spend time with my mum

Me and my mum have the sort of relationship where we could go months without speaking but still know we're both doing okay. I love her to bits and since I moved out (again) I've not seen as much of her as I would like. Definitely going to treat her to a cinema trip because we both read 'The Maze Runner' last year and have been waiting for the film ever since!

All images sourced from Pinterest. Follow me HERE


Boots is my absolute favourite drugstore as I might've mentioned in previous posts, so when this year's first Christmas points event came around in October it was impossible to resist. The majority of my makeup has been running out recently, so I waited for the event to get the offer:
£12 worth of points when you spend £50.

These events are on regularly until Christmas so check out your local store for details of dates and times! As well as the points event, there are loads of fab offers on beauty at the minute which I took advantage of too!

£9.99 (3 for 2 offer on skincare)

So I loved a recent sample of this so I had to get the product! Still makes my skin feel amazing; not a greasy formula because it is oil free which is perfect for my combination/oily face! It's so much lighter than a foundation which is great now the weather is getting colder and central heating wreaks havoc on my skin.

Clearasil Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner
£5.29 (3 for 2 offer on skincare)

I am a true fan on the Simple toner however, my skin has been ultra tricky recently and I've struggled with breakouts and serious grease (bleh). I wanted a tough toner including alcohol to help counteract the oiliness so I'm hoping this does the trick!

St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub
£4.29 (3 for 2 offer on skincare, so I got this free!)

I have owned this before but had forgotten how amazing it is until using some of my friend's the other day! It's amazing to exfoliate your skin and I feel now that summer weather is well and truly diminishing, my skin needs a total refresh.

Imperial Leather Foamburst (sweet vanilla & cherry blossom)
£3.15 (on offer for £2)

I absolutely adore this shower gel, it foams up so much - as the name insinuates - and smells amazing. It's definitely worth trying when on offer, otherwise £3.15 is a bit pricey for a shower gel in my opinion, even if it is fabulous.

Dove Men +Care  Body & Face Wash (fresh awake) 

Wait, a mens product?! What?
My boyfriend comes to stay for a week occasionally as we live a bit of a distance away from each other, so I thought it about time I invested in a shower product for him to use whilst he's here. I have a sneaking suspicion however that he'll prefer my Imperial Leather Foamburst in comparison...

Brown Blending Hair Grips
Metal Free Ponybands

Standard, boring hair accessories I was running out of. You get it.

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (calico)
£14.50 (Buy a No7 product, get another half price offer)

If you've read any other beauty posts, you will be sick of me harping on about the Boots No7 range. Basically this foundation is amazing. I got the palest colour because I'm going for a very natural Autumn look and I am indeed, naturally very pale!
I ran out of this not long after my 'What's in my Makeup Bag?' post which you can find here.

No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer
£13.50 (offer as above, bought for £6.75)

Like so many others, I have such an issue with dark bags under my eyes. I've recently been using Benefit's Boi-ing concealer but I wanted a liquid concealer instead as I feel they offer more coverage. I am a huge fan of No7 so thought I'd give this a whirl as I got it for half price in the No7 offer with my foundation.

Rimmel Glam Eyes HD (02 | Golden Eye)
£6.99 (free mascara when you spend £10 on Rimmel)

I am not a huge fan of eyeshadow and rarely buy it but as it is Halloween at the end of the month I wanted a dark palette to use. This one stood out to me because when I do wear eyeshadow, it always consists of black, grey and white! I love the shimmery colours and the fact the black is matte.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Eyeliner (001 Black)
£3.99 (free mascara when you spend £10 on Rimmel)

I love this product and having replaced it with liquid eyeliner for a while, I felt it was time it made a comeback. It will go well with the eyeshadow palette. Autumn/Winter is smoky eye season after all!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Peach Glow)
£3.99 (free mascara when you spend £10 on Rimmel)

This has also featured in my 'What's in my Makeup Bag?' post and it is a product I will buy forever more. Really nice size, lasts ages and only have to use it once a day normally. Perfect powder.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless (Brown)
£7.99 (free with the offer!)

I made a rookie mistake and didn't check the colour when I picked this up. I assumed it would be black. I was wrong. HOWEVER, instead of going to swap it I decided to try it out this season. Brown mascara is something I have never tried but I'll be looking for posts and reviews on the best ways to use it, as well as using it as a base coat before black mascara (thank you best friends for suggesting this!)

I picked up the Health and Beauty magazine which is always full of handy tips. I've not had the actual magazine for ages as it is now available online.

And the CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE is here! It's officially almost Christmas when this magazine comes into stores and I'm excited to flick through and find gift ideas for my friends and family.

It's safe to say I'll be waiting a while before I buy more makeup from Boots but the points event will come in handy when I do my Christmas shopping next month!


It's scary how quickly time is flying by! We're already in October, which means it's almost Halloween, which means it isn't long until Christmas. Eep!

I've been loving all sorts of things this month so there's no specific theme, just anything and everything. I've got a lot to say about certain things, so be prepared for an information and opinion heavy post ;)

Wes Anderson films

I took one for the team (when I say team, I mean relationship) and accompanied my boyfriend to
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' earlier this year. Wes Anderson is his favourite director and if I'm honest, I'd never heard of him before then. I left unsure whether I enjoyed or not. It was laugh-out-loud funny and I giggled about some one liners for a good few hours after we exited the cinema but I though quirky angles and the Wes Anderson film style wasn't really my cup of tea.
since then I have seen 'The Darjeeling Limited' with Sneaky Experience on a lovely little cinema night at a curry house (appropriate food theme!) and I really enjoyed it! I then watched Moonrise Kingdom which was a little weirder but still, I've definitely gotten into the style. His films have simple but strange plots and the cast are always superb. Next on my list is 'The Life Aquatic'.

This Grey T-Shirt (x2)

I don't care how random this is. I don't care it is a £4 Primark purchase.
What matters is that it is THE most comfortable item of clothing I've ever known.
So much so that I own two of the same. Not even different colours. Exactly. The. Same. It looks cool with leggings or jeans when you're not trying too hard, it is ideal for the gym and is also the best pyjama top. Just buy one. Seriously.

Mango & Strawberry Twinings Tea

This has been amazing during my Vegetarian September. Because I've given up meat in order to get a bit healthier and eat more veg, I also decided to stop eating so much sugar and desserts. I've been replacing the odd chocolate bar with Mango & Strawberry tea and it has done wonders for my skin! I am a huge fan of green tea and flavoured tea as it is but the smell and taste of this is beautiful.
Tip: Brew for about 3 minutes and do not over stir otherwise the taste is tangy

Vichy Moisturiser

I splurged on this a couple of months ago and have used it religiously since but it seems to be lasting forever (which is a great thing). I've found it just right, hydrates my skin without being too greasy. My skin is definitely less oily during the day when I apply this before my makeup. I remember there being loooads of Vichy moisturising products to try when I got this which was a bit daunting, but don't be put off. The brand itself is fab, just read the back of the products carefully to see if it suits your skin type.

America's Next Top Model

I loved the last season of ANTM when it included male models too so I was thrilled the same rules apply in this cycle. I'm no model mogul but I do feel androgynous models are always so quirky and bring something completely new to what is constantly seen in the media. It is moving with the times and people want to see something different in high fashion. This cycle so far features some amazing characters and I'm loving it!

What have you been loving throughout September?