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So I bought some Christmas scented candles...
I know, I know, it's only September but they're my favourites!

The 'Simply Home' Yankee Candle range has a beautiful range and I picked up a few samplers this week to replace 'Sweet Apple' I've had over summer. I adore the sampler versions because I get bored of the same scent sometimes, these mean I can mix it up fairly often.

ASDA £1 each! (absolute bargains)

(Left to Right)

'Sunlight on Snow'
Crisp, clean, light scent. Definitely will be using that as it gets closer to Winter, for the smell and the namesake!

'Cranberry Zest'
I actually bought this as part of a house warming present for my friend who just moved into her new city apartment. It was so glorious, I could smell it inside the wrapping paper all the way over on the train! Therefore how could I not go back and buy one for myself?
Really strong berry scent, absolutely amazing.

'Sweet Pea'
Aptly named as it's a really sweet smell, reminds me of Spring rather than Autumn but maybe I'm just clinging to anything reminding me of beautiful warm weather! This is what I'm currently using at the minute and my bedroom smells great. It's not as overpowering as the cranberry one so try this if you prefer lighter scents.

Thanks for reading this unplanned little post! These candles have led me into an Autumn/Winter spiral I can just tell, look forward to more cold weather posts ;)

The 'Simply Home' candle range featured are all available at ASDA, Tesco and B&Q