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I've seen TONS of these blog posts and videos so thought I'd do my own whilst my makeup bag is pretty tidy! Often I don't wear much makeup, I'd probably use most of the products I feature in this post on a night out but only a few on a day-to-day basis.

Makeup Bag

Firstly, my makeup bag was actually part of a christmas gift a couple of years ago. I like it because I can see what is in it so when I pack my makeup to go away I don't have to tip it out to check I have everything.

Let's begin...


Benefit 'the POREfessional'
All time favourite primer, as a lot of people say. I only have the tiny version at the minute because it was part of a sampler set from Benefit. I only wear this on a night out because I don't find it necessary to use primer all the time, it tends to make my skin break out!


Rimmel Stay Matte - 200 Soft Beige
I've not been using this for very long but I needed a cheap foundation to use over summer whilst my face had a bit of colour. Usually I'm quite pale but I tan quickly so this foundation is a fair bit darker than what I'd normally go for. It's a good every day foundation but not one I'll continue wearing.

No7 Protect & Perfect - Calico
This is my 'I want to look like I've made an effort' foundation. I love the Boots No7 skin and makeup range and have used variations of the foundations for years. Amazing texture and blends really nicely with a brush. My absolute favourite, I highly recommend it!

Boots Foundation Brush
I used to have the No7 brush but lost it :( However, when I went to replace it I chose Boots' own version and it is actually just as good.


No7 Directional Powder Brush
Big, soft brush which is perfect for use with compact powders in my opinion. Again, can't go wrong with the No7 range.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder - 005 Silky Beige
Best powder I've come across, I can reapply and it never gets cakey and is amazingly inexpensive.
I would consider paying more if it came in a better case because I am forever cracking and breaking the lid (the lid in the picture is in fact from a Rimmel bronzer. Ssh)


Sleek Contouring and Blush palette - Light 373
I've reviewed this palette in a previous post, check it out here.
Basically I talk about how great it is and you can see from the picture it is well used!

EcoTools Blush Brush
This is from the EcoTools Bamboo set and it's a perfect shape for contouring. It works really well with the Sleek palette because it is angled and really soft. I love most of the EcoTools brushes.


Benefit BROWzings - Medium
I am so lazy when it comes to my eyebrows, I know, it's a sin. But I'd rather have that extra ten minutes in bed before work y'know? I do use this on a night out though but usually only the gel combined with my pencil.

No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
Another from my favourite range, perfect colour and coverage. Lasts forever because it's actually twice this size, I've just used it a hell of a lot and managed not to lose it, yay!


Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
I'm not a great mascara fan if I'm honest. I rarely use it and when I do it's just whichever brand is closest to me. However the S&G mascara has always done me well which I guess is why it found it's way into my permanent makeup bag.
Great colour and isn't clumpy, I especially love the chunky brush!

Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner
A rival for the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner that a lot of bloggers love for the price and efficiency! I adore the felt tip of this and it glides on so smoothly. Really easy to do flicks and precise lines and lasts all day (though definitely NOT the 25 hours it claims to last...) Really good value for money.

No7 Lift & Curve Eyelash Curler
Yes, I'm still gonna keep raving about the No7 range. These are strong, easy to use curlers and if I remember correctly they came with a replacement eyelash grip (you know what I mean, where your eyelashes are smooshed together) which means they last longer than others.


17 Eyes Trio - Smoky Quartz
I hardly ever wear eyeshadow but if I do it's usually simple and a smokey, these colours are perfect for that. It isn't very pigmented but I think I managed to grab this for a £1 in Boots (using my advantage cards coupons, obviously!) a long time ago so it was a cheap and cheerful set.

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow
I don't know what colour this is as it came in a christmas set, but the best way to describe it is a shimmering bronze/gold? It's a pretty colour, but again, I rarely wear it.

EcoTools brush
I'm gonna be honest, I think this is actually a concealer brush but I don't use it for that! I like the length of the bristles for applying eyeshadow and it blends really well.


Maybelline COLORsensational Shine Gloss - 360 Stellar Berry
This was actually after I bought the Revlon lipstick (below) because I wanted a glossy version for the summer. It's really sticky BUT a really lovely colour. Probably sticking to my lipstick now that Autumn is here!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - 477 Black Cherry 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this, this is possibly my favourite thing in my makeup bag other than the No7 foundation. It is a beautiful plum colour, ideal for Autumn/Winter but I tend to wear it all year round. It is a really dark colour (darker than it looks in the image above!) but you can mix it with a small amount of vaseline to make a beautifully coloured balm. I looked for this exact shade in so many makeup ranges and not of them were quite right. This is fantastic, cannot recommend it enough!


Not a huge amount but they're all the basics I normally use and they're ALL really reasonably priced for an average makeup bag.

If you haven't already, what's in your makeup bag?
If you have, send me your links, I LOVE finding out what other people have in theirs!