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For a while now I've wanted to attempt a healthier diet and include more vegetables because there's usually a serious lack of them in my meals. Also, I moved into my own flat six months ago and have yet to get experimental in the kitchen (ooer.)

By cutting out all red and white meat (not including fish) I was hoping to get a bit more cooking experience and try new things. I've put together a few meals I had during the first week of my vegetarian September (I'm aware this it is late and almost the end of week two, but I've been really busy washing up after all this ;) )


M&S Falafel & Bulgur Wheat Salad

This is without doubt one of the nicest veggie salads I've ever had. The spicy houmous dip and feta cheese completely makes it. I wanted to treat myself to a nice work lunch so I added some M&S Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar crisps too. Perfect.


Quorn and Peppers Pasta Bolognese

I didn't realise how quickly you could cook Quorn mince in comparison to meat, it will change my life! This was a simple dish and one that would last a few meals if I made it just for myself in future. My boyfriend cooked this meal and put TONS of peppers and onions in it, it was delicious.


An Aubergine Ensemble

This was experiment #1 and I'll be honest, it could have been better. Aubergines, tomatoes, onions and beanspouts mixed in a soft cheese and tomato sauce. Sounds pretty good but needed a main ingredient really, planning to replace beansprouts with halloumi next time round.


Classic Beans and Egg on Toast

Standard. This is one of my favourite breakfasts because my Dad used to make it for me all the time. It's also a pretty good breakfast to start your day properly with. Wholemeal bread, organic Heinz Beanz and a fried egg with the perfect runny yolk.


Potato & Cheese Bakes

These I learn to make back in primary school (a long, long time ago!) and have recently discovered them! Mashed potato balls with cheddar cheese blocks inside, covered in breadcrumbs. Melt in your mouth, amazing. Just add a farmhouse veg accompaniment.


Covent Garden Soup Co. - Slow Roast Tomato

Another lunchtime treat, I bought this soup and some Tiger Bread from ASDA and it was so filling.
The soup tastes amazing, definitely going to be a hearty Autumn/Winter buy from now on!


Quorn Sausage and Mash

I'm a newbie to Quorn but I've always heard good things about Quorn sausages so I made the change to my favourite ever meal. It tasted great! Added lots of veg and gravy and you genuinely wouldn't be able to tell the difference to pork sausage. It is so much healthier for you as well. Definitely a meal I'll be sticking to.

Just a few ideas for you to try -as they're all VERY simple dishes I don't feel you need any recipe, but if you want to find out me just let me know!

Overall, cutting the meat out of my diet hasn't changed anything at all about my lifestyle. I feel great, I'm replacing it with plenty of other foods packed with protein and loving it! The only issue I've found is the lack of vegetarian ready meals if I were to try them. I have them on rare occasions when I'm only cooking for myself and want something I can stick in the microwave!

Any shop suggestions that have a good range of veggie ready meals?