Previously, I did a blog post about George Home at ASDA and the things I absolutely love/want/need for my house this season. You can check it out here.

What I didn't mention (saving it for this post, obviously!) is the new theme of...


(left to right)

This trend is a pretty nifty idea and I particularly love the teapot, although I'm not sure it would fit enough tea in there as I would like. They're cute, don't get me wrong, but I'm not the sort of person who likes everything to match and I certainly wouldn't want all my kitchen accessories to be black.


Super cute card!
Gift wrapped & piece of chalk!
 Imagine my happiness when I was lucky enough to be sent a chalkboard gift of my own from the wonderful Sophie at

I'd first like to address the beautiful packaging, really cute and a lovely gift.

I unwrapped it with the excitement of a small child and was thrilled to see what it actually looked like!

It is a beautiful handmade chalkboard that can be hung pretty much anywhere in your house to leave little notes and reminders for yourself or your family. Originally I wanted to put this in my kitchen but I'm definitely going to get more use out of it at my workspace for important things to remember!

Check out Sophie's Etsy shop HERE.

They're available in all sorts of fun shapes and retail at only £6 which is a complete bargain, they're so kitsch. I also have my eye on the cloud shape as a baby shower gift for my friend, for the beginning of next year!