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Can we address HOW amazing car boot sales are? And even more so, how many beautiful things people are trying to get rid of?

I set off at 5.30am (yawn) on Sunday morning to a local village car boot sale, to sell a few bits of crap and clothing and declutter my life. I actually had a lot of fun, there wasn't any major haggling between customers and I because I just wanted rid of most things to be honest!
I left my mum - who is a seasoned car boot-er and taught me everything I know now - in charge whilst I wandered off to the other stalls.

The first thing I bought was this stunning faux leather bag.

It caught my eye straight away, it looks so retro with the rounded edges and cracked leather, rugged look. The bag strap is such a good length, I am not a tote or handbag sort of girl! And even better, it is an ideal size to keep all my things in for work/town/travel whatever. I love that it also has an extra zip compartment at the front where I'll keep my keys and valuables.

The best bit. This was £1.

Possibly will be my best Autumn/Winter purchase this year, so excited to wear it!

Next up, as always there are lots of vinyl records. Usually I'm a bit lazy about rooting through hundreds and hundreds of boxes of them but I wanted a cheap present for the boyfriend when he comes to visit this week.

There were NO classic rock vinyls like I often sift through so I settled on some 70's tunes and Bob Dylan. We LOVE a good cheesy music sesh from time to time and because most of his record collection are different genres, I know he definitely won't own these already.

I got these 4 for a £1, it was pretty much a 'take what you want and offer me whatever' sort of situation.

The next item sat there ALL DAY at a gentleman's stall before I returned to buy it. The fact it was still there and no one else wanted it seemed like fate to me! This is my final treasure of the day.

It. Is. Beautiful.

Apparently, it's an old coal box that would sit next to a fire. Now, I don't have a coal fire in this day and age (especially not in my modern, tiny flat) but I certainly didn't buy it to store coal. I saw it and thought it was just perfect for my room, even if it is pretty big. The ships and the colour and the fact it looks a bit tarnished just appealed to me so much.

I bagged it for £6 which I think is daaamn cheap. I didn't want the matching fireguard although it was equally lovely - lack of coal fire situation again. It isn't made of expensive material (I think wood and tin or something) but it just looks the part.

What's the best second-hand bargain you've ever found?