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I picked up this season's George Home catalogue from my local ASDA this week and there are very few pages that I didn't squeal about or highlight because everything is so up my street this Autumn. I've picked out just SOME of my favourites (narrowing it down was so difficult) for you to have a look at!

(clockwise to middle)

George Home Red Knitted Throw £25

This is so beautiful, and at the minute I have a stunning asian patterned throw so it would take something stunning for me to want to replace it for Winter!

George Home Tree Clock £12

Because nowadays there's usually an electronic device in our laps there doesn't seem to be a need for a clock for it's practicality, but this is just too pretty not to want!

I bought some bright coloured Clarissa Hulse towels a short while ago that I absolutely adore. This pattern is quite similar and I think these would be a nice addition to my collection, especially at such a good price!

This is awesome, I have way too many mugs in my eclectic collection of them but this is brilliant. Possible boyfriend christmas gift, then I can use it anyway!

I think I've found the ideal teapot! I've wanted to invest in one for ages but at £5 I feel even if I use it once when my mum visits, it's worth it.

Again, probably just for my mother's use but they are really cute and I could have a proper little tea party with my teapot as well!

I've got a bit of an obsession with cushions, I love this one particularly because I don't yet have one made of felt... It would also add some extra colour to my greige and red colour scheme! I might have to battle with my flatmate though, this would look perfect in his bedroom because he has the grey/yellow that seems to be everywhere at the minute!

This is cute, autumnal and faux tweed. What more can I ask of a cushion?!

I love a good panini. Actually going to get this for my flatmate for christmas so we can have a panini/coffee date more often in our house instead of going to town. This is a pretty good price in comparison to others I've seen but then again, I'm not an expert on panini maker retail prices. Let me know if you are!

I apologise because a LOT of these things are already out of stock on the website, apparently tons of people have the same home-ware taste as me! I'm hoping they restock soon so I can get a couple of things from my list, what do you think of them?