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I am pretty new to the whole ' getting your nails done' experience as I used to work in retail in a stockroom. I'm sure we've all come across trying to open packaging with ridiculous acrylic nails and the constant state of fear of breaking/chipping/pulling them off.

Now I have an office job, I don't have an excuse for ugly nails other than the fact I am really lazy! However, I have become addicted to CND - Shellac. It is such an easy way to look after your nails and keep them looking beautiful and it's not as expensive a habit as you might think.

Here are my favourite Autumn shades you should try, whether you're a Shellac newbie or an obsessive!


I love bold, dark nail colours in Autumn and this is great.

I really wanted a navy and this was the closest colour my salon had available. I loved the name too!
However, this is MUCH more glittery than it looks in the bottle (left) but I think it's a gorgeous party colour.


This is my ultimate favourite I've had since I had my first Shellac session at the beginning of the year.

It is a new, stunning dark purple and IMO, no normal gel polish will compare to this with the Shellac top coat.

Usually I like to mix up the colours I choose every time I get my nails done but I'm definitely going to have this one throughout the season!

Check out the entire colour range here and let me know what you'd choose this season!