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Two essential parts of my life have joined forces.

Boots now stock the Sleek makeup range.

The beauty gods have listened and now not only can I get some bloody beautiful makeup I get
4 points per £1 on my Boots Advantage card as well. Hallelujah.

I'm not sure how or when this occurred but I found out a couple of weeks ago when I was browsing. I've been meaning to replace my old contour kit I originally bought from Superdrug and got a bit overexcited when I came across Sleek by accident in Boots.

Prices differ on pretty much everything in both drugstores and both have FAB offers on at alternate times but Sleek is the same price in both (£9.99 - bargain) and if I'm completely honest, I'm biased towards Boots having worked there in the past - and you get coupons, who doesn't love a good coupon?!

My absolute favourite palette is the
Sleek Face Form in Fair/Light

The old and well-used palette (left) is the
Face Form in Light 373.
I LOVE the matte bronze for contouring on a daily basis but I usually only use the highlighter shimmer if I'm going on a night out. The blush is a great all rounder and has a shimmery finish as well.

My new palette (right) is actually 
Face Form in Fair 372
and I didn't realise until I opened it before blogging (fail). However, when I checked in store the colours look extremely similar and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be equally as happy when I start using this one instead!

They are FANTASTICALLY pigmented, great value and if you're new to contouring, it's a great introduction palette. I already know I'll be expanding my sleek collection to the blush palettes when I've saved up my Advantage points too!