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Leeds Festival was my first proper camping festival and I won't ever forget it.
I've been to...
and finally, just the Friday this year.

I think I've sort of grown out of this festival now, if you're a Leeds local it is known for being a lot of people's first festival and therefore every year I return, the older I feel! I would HIGHLY recommend it to a newcomer and usually the line-up suits everyone.

I chose a pretty simple outfit because i had NO IDEA what the weather was going to do!

The kimono and wellies I wore were featured in my GLASTONBURY// post so check those out in more detail!

In addition I wore:
Grey t-shirt - Primark £8
the comfiest t-shirt ever from Primark (i actually own two of the same, they are that amazing.)

Blue denim, skinny jeans - Primark £12
They are super comfortable, nice light denim for summer and go with pretty much anything.

Having been used to camping for the whole weekend (or even from Wednesday - Sunday with Oxfam!) I usually have a LOT of things to pack and take with me. However, because this year I only had a Friday ticket with my work mates it was nice to have one bag!

Below are my day essentials:

1. Bandana - I actually took this to give to my friend at the festival because she wanted to try out the look without committing to buying one herself! However, they are a staple accessory at the minute, I saw a crazy amount of 16 year old Axl Rose wannabes.

2. An extra layer! - It's all well and good with your levi shorts and crop top but what happens when it gets chilly after the sun goes down?! A cardigan/jumper/parka is essential because after you've left the thousands of other sweaty bodies around you when the headlining band have played their last note, you then have the unfortunate walk back to camp or the shuttle bus and believe me, you will be COLD.

3. Sunglasses - And not even if it's just sunny. At a festival, protocol is that anyone can wear shades anytime they like. All the cool kids are doing it.

4. Waterproof poncho - These are something I wish were acceptable to wear on a daily basis in bad weather. They are an absolute life-saver, and it my opinion better than a pac-a-mac or cheap raincoat.

5. Tickets! Including festival ticket if you are held responsible and any travel tickets you need to get you there.

6. Rucksack - This one I borrowed from my best friend because I don't actually own one but I think I might keep it if he doesn't notice! So handy and the perfect size.

You might notice there is no food or drink.

Only going for the day meant I wanted to have a greasy meal in the middle of the field and make the most of it, so I didn't pack any food! And some festivals, like Leeds, don't actually allow alcohol or opened drinks bottles into the arena site. It makes sense because they make a lot more money from the bars this way but I think it's another reason I prefer and open arena like Glastonbury.

Overall I had a fab day with the guys, I'm pretty gutted festival season is almost over :(

Let me know which festivals have been your favourite this year, or where you plan to go in 2015!