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JULY FAVOURITES// miscellaneous

Everything seems a huge rush and a lot of effort at the minute. The main issue is my boiler being broken and really, I've realisd one of my favourite things this month and in fact, in life, is a hot shower.

Other than that though, I've put together a few thing that have made me smile throughout July :)

Don't judge me too harshly but I saw the film first...
I know, I know, what a sin for a book lover, but truthfully I wouldn't have ever got round to reading the series if I hadn't seen the film first!

Brilliant characters and a really interesting concept if you're into The Hunger Games/The Maze Runner-esque plots. I fell in love with Tobias Eaton in the film (because Theo James is a stunning specimen) but more so in the book, he is an absolute dream, flaws and all. Each book as good as the last in my opinion which is very rare for a series like this. The last book had me completely hooked and is (debatably!) a fantastic ending...

I first came across this magnificent store in Manchester and I momentarily got lost in a world of cushions, buddha statues and kitchen utensils.
This is by far the best home-ware shop I've been to and recently I found out they have one in my city!
I dragged the other half in and he described it as 'an organised charity shop' which pretty much sums it up. It's basically a jumble sale of anything from candles to three-piece suites. A lot of the stock I love is imported from Thailand and India which makes them so unique and beautiful, plus the prices are VERY reasonable as well as always having a huge selection of stock clearance items which are a bargain.
If you enjoy home-ware shopping and like to decorate your home with beautiful things, visit. Now.

(HomeSense haul to come soon!)

So as I mentioned, I've not had hot water in my flat all week. I've stayed at my parent's house a couple of times just so I could use the shower HOWEVER dry shampoo has been my absolute best friend in between hot/cold morning showers!
I included this in my Glastonbury Beauty Haul and it will always be a favourite.
I bought a couple in 'blush' because it has a very fresh, sweet scent but I don't particularly mind any in the Batiste range.

I am always late on the app bandwagon because I have a Windows phone. I absolutely love the Nokia 920 don't get me wrong but I am well aware Apple have the monopoly on app compatibility.
However, in the last couple of months I finally upgraded to Instagram BETA for Windows and I've become a bit obsessed. I was so certain I wouldn't be sucked in, yet now I find myself snapping my cup of tea or my bowl of spaghetti and I'm not even sorry.

I check it as religiously as Twitter or Facebook and it now has a permanent place on my home screen.


Not Eating Chocolate

I'm writing this about an hour after eating a bar of Guinness flavoured caramel chocolate but I swear last month this worked for me! Whilst at Glastonbury I didn't have any sugary foods really, living on noodles and tea and grilled halloumi.
Since then, I haven't craved dessert or chocolate at all and my skin is thanking me SO MUCH for it.
It's said time and time again but it is so true, eat healthily! Of course I still have fast food, takeaways, the occasional bag of sweets but the difference in my skin since cutting back on sugar is great. Way fewer spots and blemishes and I just feel a lot better for it.

I hope you've enjoyed my random array of favourites from last month.
What have you been loving throughout July?