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So yesterday, my best friend Danny and I went to our first HOLI ONE festival experience at Harewood House in Leeds and it was brilliant! I bought the tickets a while ago as a birthday present for this weekend for him and he said he had a great time, so I did my job as a bezzie!

The events are all over the UK this summer and are inspired by the traditional Indian Holi festival (festival of colours). Thousands of people wearing white clothing throw coloured powder at each other to create a stunning spectacle and meet loads of new people and just have a fantastic time.

It was a lot smaller than I imagined it to be but that made it so much better. The crowd was great and it was the best atmosphere (the glorious sunshine also helped!) The music was great, particularly GOODLUCK who were the perfect soundtrack to this sort of festival.

The only negatives were the usual at any festival - the lack of bar staff and toilet queues!

All in all, it was a great day and something different to do. I would definitely recommend it to others and I'm planning to get a huge group together for one next year!



Find out if there is a HOLI ONE festival on near you!