August has been a pretty packed month for me therefore there are SO MANY favourites I've come across. While compiling a little list for an 'August Favourites' next week I realised there's a few TV programmes I've become addicted to that need a mention in their own little post!


First up...

Made In Chelsea NYC
Channel 4

I have been a huge MIC fan since series 4 and 5 (which then led me to buy the box-set and watch the entire thing before series 6 started last year - I found out, finally, who 'Caggie' was). So I was quite late on the Chelsea bandwagon, assuming it would be as awful as the other regional reality shows, but now I'm completely hooked.

Is NYC better than Chelsea?

I particularly love the NYC series and feel it came at exactly the right time. It's nice to be introduced to new characters like Billie and Alik and have a break from the usual 'Spencer Matthews show'. The locations are obviously beautiful at times but I do miss the Chelsea bar scene!

Best storyline?

It's safe to say I am super happy that Binky finally chucked Alex, despite his beautiful looks. I am glad this is over, probably along with the rest of the country, because it became extremely repetitive!

I am most looking forward to the Billie/Stevie/Spencer love triangle.

Best character?

Absolute favourite character no matter where they are - Lucy Watson.
She's an absolute ice queen, she is fabulous in all the right ways and very real and doesn't stand for nonsense. Glad to see so much of her in this series, particularly being single and happy! +Girl points.

Overall I'm really enjoying the series, do you think it's a good change for the show?

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The Great British Bake Off

So. Much. Drama.

It has been one hell of a series already and we're only at desserts week! The entire #BINGATE scandal was so extreme I just had to include this programme in my favourites this month.
I used to watch it with my mum and sister when I lived at home and now I've moved out, I've managed to get my flatmate absolutely hooked!

Star baker?

Richard. 100%
He's so focussed and keeps to himself and most of his bakes have been amazing.

My flatmate adores Martha. She is pretty good to be fair, she just makes me feel bad because at 17, she has more patience and skill than I have at 22.

The Metro article about #BINGATE is great if you get chance to read. It had me in hysterics.
Read it here.

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Dance Moms

My mum got me into this and for that I thank her greatly.
Having a background of dance myself I absolutely love this programme. Even if you have no dance knowledge, the girls and their dance teacher Abby Lee are hilarious to watch and some of the dances are just spectacular.  

Favourite dancer?

Chloe. She's the epitome of 'the dark horse' in competitions and I love that. She isn't a favourite of Abby's but I think that makes her overall a better dancer because she dances for herself. She is a beautiful ballerina and in my opinion the best actress in the group too.

Favourite moment?

At the open call auditions in New York and the mother of one of the auditionees challenges Paige and her abilities. It is such a petty thing for a grown woman to make a young dancer cry. What a bitch. Then when Abby puts Paige against her daughter, Paige absolutely excels and everyone is cheering for her and it is such an amazing moment because it shows the grown woman how wrong and how idiotic she was. Paige is such a fantastic dancer.

I know the season has finished in the US so I'm extremely looking forward to the next one!