GLASTONBURY 2014 (beauty)

Girls at a festival - Glastonbury 2014

I went to Glastonbury last week.

It was amazing - as expected - and I'm currently having festival withdrawal symptoms.

Apparently it's no longer acceptable to have tequila for breakfast, covered in mud and walk around shouting 'ROLAND' for no logical reason.

One of the best things about festivals other than the music, is being able to not give a shit about what you look like. A lot of people love the 'festival fashion' and put a lot of time and energy into looking good but honestly, I can't be bothered when I wake up at 5.20am because my tent has accumulated all the sun's heat and is trying to cook me alive.

HOWEVER I will do my damn hardest to stay as clean and human as possible when I camp for 6 nights (yep, SIX nights).

Below are some of my personal festival beauty favourites I took with me this year!

Collection of beauty products that are festival essentials

(left to right)

Two bandanas and some flower hair accessories.
Various stores: Always a winner to hide greasy hair.

'Collection 2000' Cover up stick in Natural Beige
Superdrug £1.99

'Simple' Facial toner
Boots £1.50 (bought in 3 for 2 miniatures)

Shampoo and conditioner
Hotel freebies do the trick!

Clubbing cooling mist
Bodycare - 4 for £1

'Impulse' body spray - True Love
Boots 99p - various scents

'Batiste' dry shampoo - Blush
I bought for £2.49 from Bodycare BUT they are often on offer at Boots
(now £1.99 as of 5/7/14)

'Vichy Idealia' smoothing and illuminating cream
Boots £22

'LUSH' bubblegum lip scrub
Lush £5.50

'Nivea' Pure invisible roll-on deodorant 
Bodycare £1.99

'Katy Perry' Killer Queen perfume
Bought as a present. Available from drugstores between £11- £30

'Oral B' 3D white toothpaste
Freebie from Oral B! Can be bought as miniature from Boots

These are not all essentials, obviously, but this is what got me by and I came back with flawless skin and a tan (due to excessive fresh air probably but i'm sure these helped!)

Things I didn't include in the image are SUNCREAM, AFTERSUN, and tons and tons of BABY WIPES!

Enjoy the rest of festival season!

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