Following my last two posts I've put together a few festival outfits I love using Polyvore. It's a fantastic tool to create collections and sets you love. Missing Glastonbury is definitely inspiring more festival related posts!

Polyvore - festival inspired outfit including comfy tee and denim shorts and lots of accessories
I recently bought THE comfiest grey tee from Primark for only £4 (!) which is really versatile and perfect for layering when it gets cold.

LOTS of rings and layered jewellery adds sophistication to your outfit if you've opted for a simple shorts and tshirt combo.

As mentioned before, the bandana is IDEAL. Wear it under your hair, over your hair, tied on top, as a scrunchie, as a neckerchief, as a belt...ANYTHING.

LEVI shorts are a must have for any festival. This year I found a new pair for £15 at a vintage fair.

Converse or vans are staple, only if the weather is nice. They will not recover from the mud otherwise!

Polyvore - festival inspired outfit with wellies and denim shorts


Again, the black bralet. They're available at most high street shops at the minute. I stress, it goes with EVERYTHING.

Statement colourful necklace. Enough said.

The beloved kimono. A tribal patterned kimono is very festival chic. It means your mates will also be abe to spot you in the crowds!

Funky wellies! I personally prefer black ones because they match everything but a bit of detail or colour adds an extra touch.

The shorts. Again <3