BEAUTY REVIEW // BzzAgent: L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss

L'Oreal advert - casting creme gloss

A couple of weeks ago I was sent
L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in 'Iced Chocolate 415'
courtesy of BzzAgent.

I am extremely lazy when it comes to haircare if I'm honest, especially when it comes to colouring my hair. I have naturally dark brown hair, but when I was younger I used to dye it fairly often in various bright colours like I'm sure many of you did (I have previously been bright red, jet black, orange, red with blonde streaks etc. etc.)

Ginger hair and bad roots
Freshly dyed dark brown hair
However, recently my hair has stayed a mid-brown, ginger colour and I have just been too idle to care about my roots growing out (left).

When I was offered this BzzCampaign I decided to go back to near my natural colour to cover up the obvious root difference.

The result (right) was a much darker and far more natural brown and it has blended my roots amazingly. My hair is soft and feels really healthy. I love how long the L'Oreal royal jelly conditioner lasts and the colour has lasted a week so far and only faded slightly (should last up to 28 washes, looking good so far!)

There is a tint of red in my final colour, which I did not expect from the packaging and image on the box. With my hair having a history of red dyes however, it's likely to be a reaction to my hair alone so don't worry if that isn't what you are after! Using the product on natural hair should provide a better result as mentioned on the box.

It was SUPER easy to use. A similar method to many other brands, only two formulas to mix together and apply. It is quite runny, so be careful to apply in the bathroom or somewhere easy to clean up afterwards! The product was really dark when applied but don't be alarmed, a lot washes out in the first shampoo and the actual colour will be visible.

I would definitely use this again but it would be great if the colour was permanent, I would definitely keep 'Iced Chocolate 415'.

Available at Boots and Tesco.

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